Alien Siege

Alien Siege

Alien Siege is a 2005 Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie about an alien race that comes to Earth seeking a cure to a deadly virus, for which the antidote is human blood.

Earth is attacked by the Kulkus, a hostile breed infected by a lethal virus and needing human blood to develop an antidote. Earth's governments negotiate peace terms with the Kulku ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matty M (de) wrote: First off The Lords of Salem is yet another film by the brilliant artist-musician-film director Rob Zombie. This movie was released in 2012 and is a story about basically The American Witch. Unlike Rob Zombie's other films The Lords of Salem is a bit of slow starter very heavily detailed. We purchased The Lords of Salem because we are hardcore Rob Zombie fans, we love his music, art, and films. We consider The House of 1000 Corpses to be a complete work of art, "The Devil's Rejects" to be a very great somewhat extension to the first film. Rob Zombie is an artist, his work is more enjoyable to those that truly see him as an artist. Former films directed by Rob Zombies such as his versions of Halloween and Halloween 2 we feel were better than the originals, yet they still held true to the original stories. This all being said, "The Lords of Salem" was more artistry based of a film, slow moving, detailed, but is a hard film to get in to.Now we watched "The Lords of Salem" a few times now, following Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie) through the story as it slowly exposes that she had a lot to do with a specific coven of witches known as "The Lords of Salem". I can't stress the length of time in this build up enough, maybe too much detail leading up to this was displayed. Of course Rob Zombies' movies are all about the detail which has made them all amazing, this film specifically is just slower based. The film style used in The Lords of Salem is awesome, the characters were played very well, and we also liked the little kick backs here and their noting other movies. Things like Sheri Moon Zombie being referred to as "Baby" for a quick spot in the story, just to name one of these. But yes the cast was perfect, the graphics were very good, and we cannot leave out John 5 for his music contribution and acting.

Jesse O (au) wrote: Eh, don't know why, but this movie didn't click for me. It tries to be a dark comedy, but it doesn't really have the comedic edge to really be the jet black comedy that it wants to be. And I also can't shake the feeling of deja vu, like somehow I've seen this movie before. I know I haven't seen it before, I know I would've remembered parts of it if I had seen it. But what I mean by that is that this seems to be an amalgamation of different films that I've seen. There's some Burke and Hare here, for sure. I remember seeing a movie called I Sell the Dead, that I quite enjoyed, I was also reminded of that. The funeral home setting isn't entirely unique, of course, but it also reminded me of a mediocre British comedy called Undertaking Betty. There's even some Sweeney Todd here, what with causing deaths in order to keep their business afloat. So, from what I have seen of course, it's a mixture of all of those things, though I'm sure there's more films out there that I haven't seen that bares a resemblance to this. The point of this is the fact that there's nothing about this movie that's unique. And, again, that's not so much of a problem if, as I mentioned in my previous review, you have a strong script or, at the very least, strong dialogue. If you have that and a good cast then, to me, the rest will take care of itself. Unfortunately for this film, however, it only had one of those things and that is a solid cast. Jay Baruchel and Rose Byrne are always good, so there's no worries about their performances at all. The problems come with the script which, to me, for a comedy, just isn't really that funny. There's a couple of chuckles and one particularly nasty death in the film, but this just lacks a consistently entertaining tone. The narrative goes exactly the way you'd expect. The more Oliver causes deaths to keep his business afloat, the more he gets used to it and the more cocky and overconfident he gets, getting rid of people closest to Roberta. Of course, however, it comes out at the end that Oliver was just being used as a patsy by Roberta to get rid of those in her way from taking over the business that was meant to be hers. Her father forced her mother to sell the funeral home and she's been resentful of him ever since. If you've seen more than five films, then you'll probably figure out Roberta's game once she says that she was meant to inherit the funeral home. The film, technically speaking, isn't great, but that doesn't bother me nearly as much as the fact that the script just isn't that strong to begin with. I'm not suggest thing the film is bad or anything, because I don't think it is, it's just a movie that's more content on being a pedestrian black comedy. Though, to be fair, that's just my perception of it. I'm sure plenty of people worked hard to make this movie the best it could be. The problem with that is the fact that this movie's best is just not good enough. This is what I would call average, at best. It's predictable, derivative and not consistently funny. A good cast doesn't simply doesn't do enough to elevate this past just being average. I wouldn't recommend it, but you can do considerably worse and it's on Amazon Prime, so you don't lose much if you do decide to watch it.

Raphael Y (br) wrote: No conheo nada de cinema filipino, mas a sinopse de Maximo me chamou a ateno. Uma pena que o filme no engrene, apesar dos personagens serem interessantes o roteiro tenta cair para um lado policial que menos interessante. No que seja de todo mal, o relacionamento entre o menino e o policial, a aceitao da famlia, a descoberta da sexualidade so pontos fortes e acima de tudo o diretor merece respeito porque filmar isso na Filipinas no deve ter sido fcil. O menino t timo no papel, facilmente voc percebe uma evoluo no decorrer do filme. No imperdvel, mas vale.

Alastair B (us) wrote: Michael Pitt isn't a household name, and that bugs me.He takes on the strange kinds of roles that Johnny Depp does, but portrays a truthfulness of Leonardo DiCaprio. This movie is one of those introverted, introspective gems.Pitt plays Chep, a disturbed young man living and working in a film prop shop.When Fran comes along, requesting rather strange items for a movie that she's attached to, Chep becomes delusional thinking that she will love him if he does her bidding. Fantasy and Fiction is blurred in his mind: We are led to believe that Chep is a very simple man, not getting concepts of the world, but the way he creates an ever contorting imaginary friend as his sort of guide to life, shows the complete fracture of his personality, and this child like simplicity and introversion is the remains of what perhaps was a normal kid. The blurring continues with a movie he religiously goes to melds seemlessly in his mind with his reality, giving him expectations of events, and skewed memories. When his complete dilusion takes over, the character of Chep is ultimately shattered, and all that is left is a shell of the person he used to be.It's creepy, we've seen aspects of the plot before, but it's indie nature is completely refreshing, and the mix of characters showing an aspect of complete truth to the film.Pitt's portrayal of both Chep, and the imaginary friend is genius in it's own right, breathing a chaotic sense of life into the film.Definitely something I can't recommend to anyone, but anyone that wants to have a think about how their own mind works for a second, see if you can find this interesting little film.

Jim H (mx) wrote: New York City homeless create a small community in Amtrak's tunnels.While there's no hero or central figure in Dark Days, one gets the sensation that all of these people are together living one life. With a few exceptions, many of them are drug-addled and have shady pasts. My father used to say that we're all one bad day from being homeless, an assertion one of my right-wing professors in graduate school scoffed at, and what few stories we see of these people's pasts prove my father's point. I wish the documentary had more of these because the nagging question throughout was how these people got to be where they are, but I suppose that, as one of the film's subjects stated, one has to live day to day in order to survive, which doesn't leave too much time for reflecting about the past.Overall, I would have liked to have seen more inidividualization of the documentary's subjects, but for what it is, Dark Days is a very strong film about the forgotten members of our society.

Ross T (kr) wrote: One of Sandlers best

Laura M (it) wrote: Maybe more like a 3.25/5. I enjoyed it even though I could do without the Leo character. I think I've gained a better understanding of Brock Samson's hair inspiration too

Sara W (kr) wrote: Really good movie! I'm not good with 1950s movies usually... but this one was really good. I'm glad I didn't change the channel. lol That poor boy had it rough. And he had the best hair in movie. How dare his father suggest he get a crew cut!? Damn conformists. Stop bullying the cool people to make yourself feel better. I should smack you. I liked the ending. : ) Pretty darn good.

Orlok W (gb) wrote: It works well at what it attempts--A nice surprise!!

Melissa E (nl) wrote: A great high-concept story about the fetishizing of celebrity and the rotting of our cultural mores. Great acting in the lead, unsettlingly creepy, beautifully shot, and yet...somehow tediously slow. It was nearly a waste of such a cool sci-fi concept. It felt almost overly-explained, which is the opposite problem most sci-fi flicks have. Cronenberg Jr did well in his debut however; a bit more palatable than his father, in my opinion. Worth a watch if you're patient and looking for something heady and moody.

AlSameer C (au) wrote: To start off the MCU, this movie is arguably one of the better MCU movies and even one of the best superhero movies of ALL TIME! Robert Downey Jr was a perfectly casted Iron Man, the action is well made(mainly being the Mark I escape scene), but I only have like 2 flaws.1.The Villain is underdeveloped.2.The Last Fight scene isn't that great.Besides those,you will be entertained and love the taste!

Neuronhead H (jp) wrote: Felt like a allegory of the evolution of humanity; from animals, through cavemen, to where we are now. Bloody awesome.

Nathan A (kr) wrote: One of the best zombie movies in a long time.. made even better by the fact it's a zombie comedy!

Jennifer T (fr) wrote: Borefest but good acting. Not that interesting. Not one of my favorite Clint Eastwood films.