Alien Trespass

Alien Trespass

In 1957 a fiery object crashes into a mountaintop in the California desert, bringing the threat of disaster to Earth. Out of the flying saucer escapes a murderous creature, the Ghota, bent on destroying all life forms on the planet. A benevolent alien from the spaceship, Urp, inhabits the body of Ted Lewis, an astronomer and with the help of Tammy, a diner waitress, sets out to save mankind.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   astronomer,   sugar,  

After crash landing near a desert town, an alien enlists the help of a local waitress to re-capture a monster that escaped from the wreckage of his space ship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alien Trespass torrent reviews

Sean P (au) wrote: An excellent movie celebrating both the actor and character.

Matt C (br) wrote: Interesting enough Discovery Channel documentary about the process of conception and the growth of the fetus in the womb. Feels a bit like you're in a Year 9 Sex Ed lesson though.

Ville V (us) wrote: Todella raaka kuvaus hienon laulunkirjoittajan vaikeasta elmst. Ihan pahaa tekee katsoa, miten sekaisin voi ihmiselm olla - mutta ne biisit aukeaakin sitten eri tavalla. Suosittelen kaiken musiikkirintamalla nhneille.

Bobby L (au) wrote: Judd Nelson is really fun as someone who may or may not be killing the other tenants in his building.

Natalie M (it) wrote: Great cast. Interesting story. A little over romanticized, but still enjoyable.

Ted W (ru) wrote: Dumb stupid DreamWorks animated movie starring will Smith. This movie, this movie at this one point trys to be all sad but then something has to make a joke to make it all good and happy for the kids but just follow pixar, their all depressing but happy later and that works. To me will Smith is the only highlight in the film and maybe the setting of the ocean and that it feels like an actual human town. Now for the downs the animation seems to lack and it's bad, toy story had better animation and it came out long time ago. The jokes in this movie are bad, they are just flat out bad like the references they make are not funny their just embarrassing themselves.

Matthew M (us) wrote: A worthy sequel to it's original, Shrek 2 is not only just as funny as the first, but also just well animated, just as satirical and has the same level of quality voice acting. Arguably better then the original.

bill s (br) wrote: I do not get all the hate for this movie?Williams is oh so creepy and the movie creeps along at a tidy pace,you know what your getting.

Basse K (jp) wrote: I thought it was funn.

Gordon S (au) wrote: Mad Max crossed with Blade Runner, what's not to like!

RJohn X (gb) wrote: Not so many zombies and hardly a holocaust. Aside from that what is there? Well some really effective scenes involving scalps. Really disturbing one in which a zombie is wearing the hair of another character. Then there is Donald O'Brien (remember him from some great Spaghetti Westerns? I DO!) Then there is the naked Delli Colli, thank you very much. There is the really horrible operation scene. And then there are the little half naked natives bouncing around ripping open rubber suits to pull out animal parts. Yum. Basically, this is a mashup of the mad doctor of Island of Dr. Mpreau, Mountain of the Cannibal God, and just a bad movie. The special effects are laughable at times. The continuity horrible. And the story almost nonexistent. I would say everyone should watch this one.

Luis H (kr) wrote: But this movie don't have a really good screenplay, the scenes of action are very funny

Minh T (ag) wrote: Al Pacino is the man.

Charlie G (es) wrote: Some bad acting but I liked it.