Aliens vs. Avatars

Aliens vs. Avatars

Six college friends blowing off steam on a camping trip, find themselves caught up in a cat and mouse hunt with an Alien monster. Not knowing what to do or who to trust, they struggle to protect themselves. Reluctantly, they join forces with another, seemingly friendly, alien, Ava, who orbits the Earth and appears to them in the form of an avatar. Having only one chance at stopping the monster, they must race to locate and repair the Ava’s earth sent robot, before it slaughters them one by one.

Six college friends find themselves caught up in a cat and mouse hunt with a race of creatures who possess the ability to transform into anything from which it has consumed DNA. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gaspar O (ag) wrote: One would think that with such a marvelous premise, despite it being a low-budget slasher and a sequel to boot, that not even your worst filmmaker could make this stink so bad. One would be wrong. Still, it's better than Birdemic.

Simon N (it) wrote: Forced to watch this by my sister. The lines seem to be the bullet points from the script meeting, the jokes are AWFUL and the dancing happens for no reason. Boys aren't even that nice to look at :-p

Leonard D (nl) wrote: This was just too depressing to watch!

Gavin S (nl) wrote: Some good chuckles here and there, but focused far too much on the romantic aspects...a lot more potential was wasted. That being said, nice Canadian movie with all the clichs. OK way to pass time but not essential, unless you want to be up on the top curling movies of all time...

Nehal E (ru) wrote: it was nice, but there were some creepy scenes that freak me out :Y

Leonard D (br) wrote: I love the animation, but the story and characters were kind of a letdown!

Dan A (ru) wrote: Stupid and campy and i love it! Classic!

Bill B (es) wrote: Cassavettes stars as the titular character, freed from prison early for use in a convoluted heist. He finds himself less interested in the job that everyone else has planned for him and more in his own agenda, building into some nicely done violence in the final reel.Co-starring a young Peter Falk and the always watchable Britt Ekland, this one is well worth a look.Rent that mother.

Alice P (ag) wrote: The Incredible Shrinking Man is a much better movie, but this one's not without it's charm.

Jonathan S (de) wrote: The best parts are when the creature is swimming in the tank with the fish at Sea World.

Charlie M (gb) wrote: Silly remake of classic TV series.

Les E (nl) wrote: Vanity Fair is such a complex story with so many relationship issues that 90 minutes could never do it justice. This movie tried to cover it all and missed everyhting. Also the first attempts at colour now look dreadful.

Marina N (ag) wrote: The movie is not flawless, all in all, but is has many facets that deserve credit. A story about a conservative local hero suffering from a stroke and finding a friend in a drag queen would have been new a couple of decades ago, but does not offer any new insights by itself. However, the great performances by De Niro and Hoffman really captivated me. I haven't heard of Hoffman back when it was released and it has been a real relevation. Worth watching just to follow this fine actors bring life to a seemingly lifeless subject.

Alex K (gb) wrote: Not the best Weston but still good.

Carole T (fr) wrote: It really isn't as bad as everyone says....yes, Ben Affleck gives probably his worst performance ever but there are a few laughs in there and makes you appreciate how there really is nothing like spending Christmas with the ones you love.