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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Alingan torrent reviews

Ganesh M (de) wrote: The satire notwithstanding, the movie doesn't talk about Karma theory (past karmic debts), which is imho the essence of Hinduism.

Michael Q (es) wrote: Nice watch into the world of Bodybuilding, but not as intense or in depth as I anticipated.

Scott M (au) wrote: This is an excellent drama, and one of the best Australian films I have seen in some time. It tells the true story of a bunch of Australian journalists who went missing around the time of Indonesia's 1975 invasion of neighboring East Timor. There was a massive cover up about how these journalists were killed. The truth was only revealed several years ago. What is portrayed at the end of the film does match what official inquiries uncovered. The makers of this film do not take sides politically, but as I contained my emotions at the climax, I was left wondering why my own country's government, and other nations turned their back on East Timor for so long?

Jane L (ru) wrote: ANTZ doesn't hold up at all. Maybe at the time this movie was original and well-animated, but now this film's narrative has been done better in countless other children's movies, and the animation is dark and ugly. The only positive comment I have for this movie is the voice acting, which is very good for the most part (Christopher Walken and Sylvester Stallone aside). To those of you who say that the animation was once good and that it should be a free pass, you're wrong. TOY STORY for example (which came out three years before this film) had way better animation that still looks great today. I wouldn't even recommend this film to little kids because there's swearing, sex jokes and murder. ANTZ is not fun (it's actually quite an unpleasant experience), visually interesting or original. It was made in the nineties and should stay there.

Jess L (fr) wrote: My favourite Christopher Guest film, I just love it! So funny.

Ricardo M (jp) wrote: The negative reviews of this Disney classic are generationally biased. perceptionally incongruous, and overall poorly written.For example: The reviewer for TV Guide's Movie Guide used the word "superman" (direct quote). A more professional descriptor would be "Super Hero".This movie is not meant to be taken seriously, even though the rather pedestrian special effects do lend an air of down-to-earth realism. Despite its premise of parodying the high-tech gadgetry of the more professional spy movies of its day, I would say that it is/was more of a Disneyfied version of The Naked Gun. This style of movie would not "fly" (pun intended) in the 21st century, not only because the political landscape has changed, but also because the fantasy of being a one-man army defending one's homeland against an enemy superpower is no longer popular.

Tim M (it) wrote: Brando conveys the despondence and depravity of his character in one of the greatest performances I have ever seen. Unparalled and remarkable, this is the best film of its kind, and the best there ever will be.

Harry W (de) wrote: Assassins was somewhat enjoyable because of the good action and good acting from Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas. However, Julianne Moore was disappointing and the script was terrible. The pacing was also really slow and the roles between Stallone and Banderas would have been better switched around. Still, it's decent to a certain extent, but rather dull as a whole.

Nilesh J (br) wrote: A movie made to focus on a super-star in his prime. It is easy to see why it must have done well with the viewers back then. However, the entire story looks too soft and unfocussed in a different era.

Derrick C (it) wrote: Worst movie ever!! I never thought I would see a movie worse than state property until I saw this nonsense.

Kevin C (ag) wrote: This would have been straight to video in the 1980s, and the mystery is how they attracted such an A list cast to such predictable fare?But on garden leave and with some ironing to do, I quite enjoyed this true life story. A guilty treat to relieve the boredom!

Phil H (mx) wrote: Within the first few minutes of this film you can easily see the direction its taking and that its gonna be bad. With horrible computer generated images and heavy metal playing straight away its all too clear you are in for a modern piece of crapola.The first action sequence has 'Jonathan' flying down San Francisco streets on some kind of skateboard thing, kinda like a toboggan or something. Its pointless, bland, completely uninteresting and makes no difference to the plot, just like the entire film. It is there we find out Chris Klein is our hero, playing the role James Caan did so well, what is totally ridiculous is in no way does Klein look like he could be a powerful 'Rollerball' player.As for the game itself its a horrific mess of over the top unrequired gloss that is completely the opposite from the original material. All the players are decked out in pathetic costumes that look like something from a mardi gras, the women are squeezed into rubber/latex fetish outfits (I quite liked that) and the helmets worn just make you laugh, talk about nonfunctional for the game. Everything in this film is needlessly blown out of proportion whilst also ejecting the entire sterilised political bigbrother type concepts of the first film.The other hilarious issue with this film, apart from the pantomime like costumes on the players, is the track or arena. The track where the games are held in the original film was a large circular hard surfaced arena like in speed skating (without the ice naturally). In this remake the track is a figure 8 shape with ramps, dips, bumps, high levels and what looks like chutes to skate down, in short it looks like a kids skateboard park cross adventure playground.This whole concept completely removes you the viewer from the film as there is simply no way the huge amount of players and bikes could fit on this pathetic track/arena. You can see they don't in many shots throughout the film!, its a total fudge up I tell ya, a funny one at that. The action is a horrible muddle of skating, blood, fighting and stupid bike stunts all crammed within this tiny arena, at the same time you have other players skating down from higher levels or platforms for no apparent reason other than to look cool in the film. Oh and the track/arena had its own rock band on the sidelines to play the right tone of metal to accompany the in-game violence. Do I need to mention how jokey that is? yes...yes I do, it was embarrassingly jokey, just like the oversized helmets some of the players wore.I understand that the original 77 film had limitations of tech for the era and I'm sure it may have been more stylised and flashy if the creators had the modern benefits this 02 film had. But like many other films ('Star Wars') the limitations of the time proved to be the films winning key, this element like other modern films has been lost completely here. Instead we are presented with an absolute turd of a film with shockingly bad 'action' set pieces (despite not actually requiring major action set pieces for the plot), dreadful visuals that might as well be that 'Gladiators' TV show complete with glitter and sparkles, a god awful thrash/heavy metal soundtrack just in case you forgot this film was suppose to be tough and your obligatory dire big name cast hot of the heels of other poor major blockbusters (yeah stick him/her in it, big name, can't go wrong, doesn't matter if they actually fit the role or not pfft!).The finale is a typical example of how less is more. The whole film is an example of how less is more frankly but the ending is so cliched and dumb it was awkward to watch.A vile modern remake that deservedly flopped bigtime thank god. Its just a shock that McTiernan was behind the camera for this, the man who gave us 'Die Hard' and 'Predator' for fudges sake!.

Frank L (gb) wrote: Yes, what the world needs is more faith-based medicine.