All About Evil

All About Evil

Deborah quickly cultivates a rabid legion of San Franciscan gore fans who help catapult her to new-found local celebrity-- business booms so quickly, she's forced to bring on a full film crew of like-minded misfits to meet the demand! Her adoring public, and even her biggest fan-- high school student Steven-- don’t realize that the murders in the movies are all too real. But will this brooding youth catch the blame as Deborah's steady stream of 'actors' keep disappearing at an ever-quickening pace? What grisly fate awaits those that dare enter the Victoria theatre? Find out in ALL ABOUT EVIL!

A mousy librarian inherits her father's beloved but failing old movie house. In order to save the family business she discovers her inner serial killer - and a legion of rabid gore fans - ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie M (jp) wrote: must see for all football fans regardless of feelings towards united. it's more a showcase on the relationships and friendships between some of the most gifted and hard working players to come put of the UK over the last 20 odd years. The banter and stories between them are great and feel very real and played a major part in their lives not just there footballing careers. It's nice to see the other side of these famous,yet completely down to earth guys!!! 5 stars!!!!

Scott R (ca) wrote: Informative, but was there much else?

Rob W (gb) wrote: This film is by far one of the worst films I have ever seen

Ashleigh N (es) wrote: An incredibly sad story that's pulled off in the most adorable way possible, and with a great cast to boot.Ellen Page has a gigantic forehead in this movie, though, and I won't lie.. it really bothered me. the whole time.

Maddy L (gb) wrote: Cuba Gooding Jr. has done it again. He is back and better than ever, playing the role of James Robert Kennedy, or more famously known as Radio. However, this is not how some folks feel in the racially-divided town where the film takes place. They believe a mentally disabled African American is more of a threat, rather than a gift. He does end up capturing the heart of the varsity football coach, Harold Jones (Ed Harris), the same way he will yours. The big question is: can he get the other townsfolk on his side? With the help of Coach Jones, it seems anything could be possible. The leading roles of Radio and Coach Jones could not have been casted more perfectly. Co-stars Gooding and Harris were brilliant. They made the film come to life on screen. They portrayed the relationship of more than just a teacher and student, but a father and son. I will admit, at a first glance it seemed as though Jones just took him on as a charity case to boost his ego, but once you watch, you will be put to shame for ever even thinking that. While watching, I felt as though I was part of the movie, which does not happen often. It made me think of what I would have done, especially at a time like that, when people did not want to stand up for anyone who was different. You really have to hand it to Margery Simkin for casting these two unbelievably, talented men. Not just was the acting incredible, the musical score also had quite the significant role on this film. Whether it was the steady, pounding beat in the background or the choice of radio station Gooding would listen too, really helped turn the story into a movie for the audience. At certain points, you cannot help but get goosebumps due to the scene and choice of music done by James Horner. The movie had a slow start. The reason for this, is that film director, Michael Tollin, wanted to highlight the development of the character, Radio. He wanted to show viewers what Radio's life was like and how the help of Coach Jones truly affected him. Radio started out not talking at all, but all because of Coach Jones, he was able to open up and interact with other people without feeling afraid. What makes this movie so outstanding is that it was based on a true story. The fact that Radio and Coach Jones were not just characters in a movie, but are real people with actual lives, is what makes the film come to life. This movie also makes you really think about your morals, which is a good change of pace compared to all of the other movies that involve sex and drugs nowadays. It shows how much our world has changed since the time period that this movie took place. Now everyone has opportunities, and just because someone might be a little different from you, does not give you the right to belittle them. Radio will forever be a timeless film, that will always be relatable.

Mark B (mx) wrote: Absolutely horrible. Pick any review from the critics and MOST of the people that bothered to leave a post. They all hated it. I've never seen a film get a ZERO on the tomatometer. I can't believe anyone spent money to make this let alone PAY money to see it at the theater. "Beanie", ne' DWIGHT, obviouly thinks he's "tough". ~yawn~ What a piece of worthless fodder. He's probably about as soft as puppy shit.Don't even bother exposing yourself to this horse shit on cable like I did. And they had the gall to make a second one. SMH.

Avril B (gb) wrote: This movie is so bad, it's almost good. You have to see it to believe it

Gavin W (mx) wrote: Not the greatest film to end his career but could have been much worse.

Kyle K (ru) wrote: eh. it sucked. but then again it wasn't all that memorable.

Ryan G (fr) wrote: Well, I remember seeing bits and pieces a little while ago I liked what I saw but I did not get the full dose of it. I did, and it was a painful shot. The entire concept of the movie is somewhat ridiculous and tiresome, as well as a little painful. The acting is decent and Sinatra is good, but the time it takes to lead up to the actual film made me not want to see the rest, very disappointed because Preminger was so good.

Scott C (nl) wrote: Very entertaining kiddie action/sci-fi serial!

Jamie C (br) wrote: Brilliant comedy sequel, Just as funny if not funnier than the first, If you can switch off your brain.

Luciano G (gb) wrote: Expected a much better movie from this team of cast...Reese Witherspoon seems uneasy in her role, almost as if she realizes during the filming that she made a mistake it taking the role. Paul Rudd was extremely chaotic, and Owen Wilson well, he was himself. The story had potential, but it was not executed as well as it should have been.....

MarieBella C (br) wrote: Paltrow and Hopkins exude wonderful chemistry they give authentic and touching performances,in this film which the line between brilliance and insanity is thinly drawn.

Daisy E (ca) wrote: If this film didn't have the cast it does, I wouldn't be holding on to what I liked about it and just put it down to a film that just didn't hit the comedy mark for me. I liked it's quirkiness but somethings I just found stupid, which is a shame. Maybe it's just not what I expected and I might appreciate it more on a rewatch now I know what I'm getting myself into. I didn't feel like some of the actors were given enough to work with to reach their full potential. Like what was Elizabeth Banks' character? I hope they were all self-aware as if they weren't, I'd throw this film on the bad pile.