All About My Bush

All About My Bush

Allt om min buske är en sexkomedi i trädgårdsmiljö om oväntade kärleksförbindelser och avgrundsdjup svartsjuka. Det vackra och välbärgade paret Nils och Karin flyttar in med sin dotter Barbro i det exklusiva villaområdet. I huset intill med den botaniska trädgården bor systrarna Isabel och Lily. Systrarna sköter trädgården och livnär sig på att arrangera guidade turer genom den artrika floran. Mötet med systrarna blir omvälvande för Nils och Karin när deras ordnade tillvaro och noggrant formgivna livsstil ställs på ända. Någon vandaliserar plötsligt den prunkande trädgården och oanade naturkrafter frigörs när jakten på kärlek och trädgårdssabotörer tar sin början...

Sexcomedy about a sexually frustrated yuppie couple who decides to move to a new neighbourhood. Their new neighbours a family of bohemian hippies, with gardening as their main hobby and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Faris S (ag) wrote: This film had a decent enough plot and an okay cast but a pretty terrible director. The story was decent, a mother disappearing, daughter suspicious etc. Christopher Meloni wasn't perfect for the role, whereas Woodley is good but Eva Green is phenomenal. Anti-climatic ending, could've been good but director slumps it with a VoiceOver explanation of what happened. Questionable ending but characters stay true to themselves, like (SPOILER) Eve laughing until her death. With another director this film could be critically acclaimed.

Michael H (es) wrote: Pity star. It's definitely a film that is NOT so terrible that it ends up being enjoyable or good. The actors definitely made me laugh in some of the most supposed climatic and stressful scenes.

Peter K (nl) wrote: An innovative film that inspires us to notice what big corporations are doing to our food.

jason a (br) wrote: The original is the second best of the four. It has the IT factor

Tristan C (es) wrote: Why?? Its just fucked up no real story there if you like this movie you are a "special" breed

Sarah F (ag) wrote: i would like to see this

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Steve G (it) wrote: I'm so glad I saw Back to the Future 2 instead. Prancer killed himself in the end. I would have too, if I had to look at that girl one more day. One of the more annoying characters in cinematic history.

JC G (fr) wrote: Rebel girl you are the queen of my world.

Jd D (kr) wrote: It's most likely the rating is based on nostalgia, but I thought the scenery was pretty cool in this movie. Casper's past could have had some more to it though...

bill s (it) wrote: He hear the actors that are in it and say I'm in then you see the movie and say I wish I would have been kept out.

Conrad T (es) wrote: I wish I could give it a zero. crap script.

Kyle C (es) wrote: What? Did it actually happen, yes, I think it did. Cameron Diaz made me laugh, I don't believe it. Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot stand her, but she actually made me laugh, now, was it enough to save the movie, well, No, but it didn't need to save it, this was a fun filled movie with enough laughs, and action to keep you entertained. It's nice to see Tom Cruise go back to doing the movies that he's good at, although, he is rather strange in this one, now, i don't know if he's acting or just being himself, i don't know, you see it and decide for yourself, but this is a fun movie.

RajanSatish P (au) wrote: Penelope Cruz's greatest performance till date.

Mark F (jp) wrote: This has great characters, is funny, and has a folksy kind of charm to it. The scene in the bar where they're all pretending to know about cricket is hilarious. It's not perfect...a cricket and jazz loving American doctor felt like a bit of a stretch at times. And I thought Paul's decision to stay came a little too easily based on what he'd gone through and what he must have been feeling, but hey, it was the resolution the film needed. A good watch overall.