All About The Benjamins

All About The Benjamins

Bucum Jackson (Cube) is a bounty hunter with a lot of attitude and no interest in taking on a partner. Working at Martinez Bail Bonds, Jackson has unorthodox methods of tracking down low-life criminals, but they work, and one day he hopes to become his own boss and open up his own private investigation firm. Reggie Wright (Epps) is a slippery con artist who is avoiding the law, and Jackson. During a cat and mouse chase, the two stumble on a multi-million dollar diamond heist. Hiding from Jackson, Wright finds himself in the thieves' getaway van and ends up having to escape from them after they discover their booty is fake, much to the displeasure of their ruthless boss (Flanagan). When Wright meets up with his girlfriend (Mendes), he discovers that his recently purchased lottery ticket is the sole winner of $60 million. Unfortunately, his wallet, which held the ticket, was left in the thieves' van, so he persuades Jackson to help him get it back.

Bucum Jackson is a professional private detective. The current Bucum's mision is to find Reggie Wright, a swindler.But everything changes when Bucum discovers that Reggie owns a lottery ticket worth $ 60 million, but the problem is that the ticket is in the wallet that Reggie dropped out of the truck he used to escape . . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Judith S (ca) wrote: Fantastic movie. Great subplot. Loved the fairytale aspect in relation to to real life struggles and realities. Perfect casting.

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Carlos M (gb) wrote: Just like the first film, this sequel is stupid and stretches forever, following those four selfish, shallow middle-aged women whose pathetic personal conflicts never justify 146 minutes. And what kind of woman wears a vintage cream Valentino skirt while making muffins?

Andrew L (ru) wrote: This is a good movie. I do feel like this is Steven Soderbergh's weakest movie, however there is enough material in the movie for many different interpretations surrounding the subjects wealth and relationships. The way how the movie is shot has sort of a documentary-esque feel to it, while also telling a narrative. Soderbergh makes some good directorial choices, like with one wine glass being full, while the other one was mostly empty, giving the viewer a chance to think about, or at least understand what the character Chelsea is feeling at that particular moment. The acting is alright. What would seem like a mistake in the casting of Sasha Grey, turns out to be a very good decision. It could be because of her background but she only really needed to get in tune with the emotions of the character, rather than every piece of the character. The rest of the performance by her seems to be credited from Soderbergh's directing because he was able to tell the rest of the story that Sasha Grey wasn't capable of telling. The rest of the acting was alright but no one really stood out. Definitely worth it to watch.

Walter C (fr) wrote: Supposedly, in the world there are forests where people enter and never return or are found dead. Sounds promising as a horror film, doesn't it. Sadly, this movie fails to deliver. The whole thing is a bore. At least I now know that trees have feelings (one of the subplots of the movie involves scientists studying the memories/feelings of trees and plants.)

Chelsey H (ru) wrote: It was alright. Could have been better. I hate how one girl rules the others and they all think that they HAVE to do what she says, like going into the tunnel. I would have punched her out and threw her down there. And Bloody Mary, wasn't really that scary. She looked pretty fake to me!

Akshay R (br) wrote: A worthy sequel to the 2003's cult hit movie! Hats Off!

Samir S (ca) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyable ride...

Ian C (ca) wrote: It has its moments and both Damon and Kinnear are excellent but it just doesn't really work and despite the premise and it been a Farrelly brother's flick it wasn't that gross out and maybe that's why it just wasn't funny. Good cameo from Meryl Streep and a serious twitch off Mendes.

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