All About You

All About You

Two people run from the pain of their broken past. When they discover each other, they find themselves at a crossroad where the only thing that stands between them and a second chance is each other.

Two people run from the pain of their broken past. When they discover each other, they find themselves at a crossroad where the only thing that stands between them and a second chance is each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jing b (it) wrote: i never knew Brandon Routh was hot. Plus i learn a little bit about Lacrosse and Native American

Greg W (ag) wrote: More than worthy companion to its powerhouse predecessor.

dianes profile ending p (nl) wrote: mothers would cry over this movie

David W (mx) wrote: Nicolas Cage and Elizabeth Shue make chemistry on a drama about two people in care. Sad and depressing, it taught me something: Never go to Las Vegas!

Bruce B (it) wrote: I saw the write up on this in Shock Cinema Magazine (Issue 6) If I remember right. So when it arrived by mail I put it on the shelf saying when I get to it, little did I know that it was a Kino Video Release. And little did I know that it was a 5 star great film, 6 stars if I could. Its a Japanese film shot in Black & White (Shot in 1993) to give it that film noir look. Its suppose to be a spoof n the American Crime films of 1950-19660 time frame, and after all with a detective named Maiku Hama, how could it not be nothing but funny and interesting at the same time. Its not really a comedy and Director Kazio Hayashi has done a excellent job with this one. This is the first of a trilogy the other two being Stairway to a distant past and the Trap, which I will now order and review as soon as possible. This is a good film, not only for the comedy part but also for overall story. One other thing it has English Subtitles. Enjoy, and if you haven't seen a Kino Video yet you need to try them out and get there catalog, use a search engine just type Kino Video for some excellent world films.

Brian W (ag) wrote: "Lucas" is one of those movies that I really related to when I was younger, especially in junior high and early high school. I could relate to the title character in many ways, at times feeling like an outsider who was different (in his case being a scrawny uber-nerd and in mine being a Black kid in a predominantly white town and school) who many didn't give a chance to and some picked on. Lucas wants what everybody else seems to have whether it was popularity or the beautiful girl that he likes with all his heart, but who does not like him back. He came from a broken home like me, which made the movie have that much more influence on me. Like him I wanted to better myself and overcome adversity and obstacles. By the time I finished high school a lot changed and I became that much more of a confident, mature person who actually was elected student council president of the school despite my situation. Since that time I've continued to mature and reach higher. But there will always be a little bit of Lucas left in me...*** POTENTIAL SPOILERS***Now after more than fifteen years since I last saw "Lucas", I am looking at it from non-adolescent eyes. I can tell you it is the typical 80s American "coming-of -age" movie that has the outsider kid at school who likes a girl, girl only thinks of him as a friend or nothing at all, kid becomes jealous when girl starts going out with the football jock, kid tries to prove his worthiness to said girl by joining the football team too. Some aspects of the plot definitely requires suspension of disbelief in order to set-up the emotional climax of the film (even in this last viewing I rolled my eyes a bit). But despite all this the movie's core of capturing what it feels like to be the outsider and the sense of frustration and helplessness that a person (especially a young adolescent) that can drive them to, quite frankly, do stupid immature things is very truthful."Lucas" is a who's who of now well known actors/personalities including Corey Haim (RIP), Charlie "Tigerblood" Sheen, Courtney Thorne-Smith (Melrose Place and According to Jim), Winona Ryder, Jeremy Piven, and last but not least Kerri Green who was in "The Goonies" (where is she now)?All in all this movie was a formative one for me in adolescence, and I recommend it to anyone else who has been in a similar situation as Lucas or even me.***SPOILER***One warning though, this movie has a MASSIVE slowclap violation at the end. Even just now I was embarrassed to watch it.... ;)This is a three star movie by normal metrics, but bumped up to four for purely nostalgic reasons!

Miguel A (fr) wrote: Custa a crer que um jogador de rugby seja o sujeito perfeito para um drama to avassalador quanto "This Sporting Life", mas no nos devemos esquecer de que no existe talvez um pas que tenha uma relao to visceral com o desporto como o Reino Unido. Lindsay Anderson reconhece o peso disso mesmo e - com base num livro de David Storey aqui adaptado por ele mesmo - estabelece o paralelo perfeito entre a vontade de vencer dentro de campo e a necessidade de equilibrar isso com uma vida emocional satisfatria. Richard Harris, no papel principal e com a intensidade de um Marlon Brando, depressa convence-nos de que ningum mais representaria to bem quanto ele essa fome de ser apreciado pelos outros. Richard Harris um tremendo actor com o temperamento de um boi, da mesma maneira que "This Sporting Life" um drama para guardar ao lado dos sagrados.

Niya H (de) wrote: A few stale moments. Watched the deleted scenes, some which shouldn't have been cut as they would've tied the movie together better. Good movie overall.

Kat R (de) wrote: I like how the peppering of Spanish throughout the film is not subtitled. Haunting docudrama about the Nicaraguan civil war.