All-American Murder

All-American Murder

Artie Logan (Schlatter) is the new guy on Campus. Suddenly, he meets Tally Fuller: the most popular and beautiful girl at Fairfield college and she finally agrees to go on a date with him. But that night she is brutally killed by a blowtorch-wielding maniac and Artie is wrongfully arrested. Despite protests from other Police officers, detective P.J. Decker (Walken) believes Artie's story and gives him 24 hours to crack down the real killer. But, as Artie gets closer to the killer, each suspect is murdered and all the clues point to him.

All American Murder is the story of Artie. He is the new guy on Campus and he only has one thing on his mind, Tally Fuller. Tally is the most popular girl in school, until she is found dead... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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