All Around Us

All Around Us

Lily Franky plays the role of a courtroom sketch artist named Kanao, and actress Tae Kimura plays the role of his wife Shoko. The story takes place in the 1990s, involving real-life events from that time.

In 1993 Kanao and Shoko are a Tokyo couple awaiting the arrival of their first child. Although both have studied art, Kanao works as a shoe repairman which doesn't stretch his rather ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua H (us) wrote: Robert Zemeckis should stop making movies.

Cheewai L (au) wrote: A heartening tale of traditional belief against he backdrop of exploitation by conglomerate. Excellent acting from the young stars.

Mike O (mx) wrote: Went into this not sure what to expect - poetry slams? Not exactly my scene. Was completely surprised by it, the three leads were all excellent - Omar Hardwick to me is a future star - and felt it was moving and authentic, a great character study of a woman's journey out of her marriage and into a better life through her art. Mature, romantic, real.

Edward K (it) wrote: the gore was pretty good especially the first kill that was pretty inventive

John M (nl) wrote: Gross, unsettling exploitation film with an interesting premise that perfectly captures that old feel of the 70's. The gore is good and it delivers a lot of it.If you're a fan of those old movies, you'll like this.

Dinesh T (us) wrote: no story at all, all messed up

Johnn S (es) wrote: Tries to be clever, but ends up a big ol' pile of mess. The characters might be the most 2-dimensional bunch of idiots I've ever seen, and the dialogue is really lame. I'll give "Wild 7" two points for aspiration.

Paul R (ru) wrote: Eric Bana is Mark "Chopper" Read - A rather nasty criminal who wrote his autobiography whilst serving time in prison. It's Eric Bana's best role to date and must be seen for that fact alone. Whether his autobiography was factual or not he certainly made a name for himself. It has a bizarre mix of comedy and down right ferocity that certainly makes for an interesting watch.

RA L (de) wrote: LETTERBOX. Concisa y algo convencional y sensacionalista, pero logra no desviarse mucho de su camino (en historia y estilo) antes de llegar a un final conmovedor. / Concise and somewhat conventional and sensationalistic, but manages to not deviate too much from its path (both in story and style) before reaching its moving finale.

Sam M (de) wrote: Woody's first drama and it's not too bad.

Aj V (es) wrote: A drama anthology film if that interests you, I found it annoying, they should have stuck with the first story.

Bengel W (jp) wrote: Underwater photography is superb and very clear and the use of Cressi fins is a spot of cinematography genius. Lots of high end toys add a touch of expensive dreaming for your viewing pleasure. Story is not that special but will keep you entertained as good guy gets entangled with bad. Oh and happy treasure hunting. Nibbles: Rice with Crab.

tanya s (jp) wrote: I love my little pony so can I watch I please

Karate C (us) wrote: One of the best movies I've seen in my entire life. And looks like it's misunderstood and hugely underestimated. Man's daughter is true genius and I believe that despite ignorant reviews by children minded reviewers won't discourage her. this is a true jewel

Lee M (us) wrote: Nigel Finch's 1996 fictionalization of the Uprising is a celebration of the mythology of the events. Employing just about the most ridiculously clichd narrative imaginable - a corn-fed Iowa hunk moves to the big city with stars in his eyes, is shown the ropes by a click of fabulous Greenwich Village drag queens, falls into a relationship with a conflicted prostitute named La Miranda, and then they all participate in the riotous events of June, 1969 - Finch's film is not trying too hard for verisimilitude.