All at Sea

All at Sea

A saucy comedy treat from the vaults that stars cast members from "Blankety Blanks", "The Celebrity Game" and "No 96" as a group of misfits attempting to run a holiday resort.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A saucy comedy treat from the vaults that stars cast members from "Blankety Blanks", "The Celebrity Game" and "No 96" as a group of misfits attempting to run a holiday resort. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frances H (fr) wrote: Brilliant and powerful remake of Twelve Angry Men, with some very Slavic twists that make the film, if possible, better than the original, or a least very different, if just as impressive. Although this version is three hours long, similar to Gandhi, I didn't really note how long it was, because it was so absorbing.

B (es) wrote: Hmm, this film was O.K. Not crap. Not fantastic either. Just so everyone knows, I had no idea what the heck a web cam girl is. I thought they are like Youtubers, but boy I was completely wrong. ...So that was one thing that put me off. However, the character of the "web cam" girl was actually kinda interesting to watch. She had a lovely personality, and in a way I felt sorry for her. Another thing about this film that I didn't really like was the fact that it gave off a bad message... in a way about homosexual couples (though i HIGHLY doubt that it was done on purpose) . If you watched it, then you'll know what I mean. I didn't notice this message at first, my friend had to point it out to me later on. I felt the sex scene's were not neccessary. (Seriously. They just came out of no where. Apart from the last one. Which was actually done in a sweet way that didn't scream out "hawt lesbian sex") The film really didn't need the sex scene's, i felt they were just added in, in order to attract a certain audience. I liked the way that they showed the relationship between Takeko and her friend. It was a really sweet bond considering the fact that he was a thug that enjoyed beating up innocent people. And lastly, I thought the end scene was very satisfying. (I loved that outfit Jade was wearing in the last scene. From the green wig to the combat boots. Everything she wore looked really cool. :D hehe) Overall, pretty decent film.

John M (it) wrote: some of the worst acting ever... predictable ending...waste of time...

Stephen E (ru) wrote: "Series 7: The Contenders" has all the visual resemblance of the reality television shows it's poking fun at, but its concept is essentially a one trick pony. Nothing about "The Contenders" or why it exists is ever elaborated on and the satire isn't as dark or hard-hitting as it should be. As far as I can tell, the acting is exceptional considering the cast is full of unknowns, but the film as a whole feels like a wasted opportunity.

Jessica W (kr) wrote: This is the most low budget movie I've EVER owned...and I watch it AT LEAST once a week. Ha! It's one of the sweetest love stories I can stomach. Oh yeah, and the soundtrack is GREAT!

Karsh D (de) wrote: Superb film. Attenborough gives a masterful performance as the murderer christie. Dark and menacing throughout, a film that truly makes you shudder at the sheer horror of it all.

Megan S (kr) wrote: This is actually on my favourites list. This was a made for tv movie and definite period piece. I believe it to be a corner stone of all the anti-establishment films. It captures the big themes going on in the tumultuous Vietnam years, the cultural dissent, and the new emerging sense of identity and freedom to follow new values. Sgt. Frank DePayster is an unforgettable character with a strong disdain of hippies, "What kind of flower are you, boy? Are you a sweet pea, boy? Are you a sweet pea?" Adrian, the flower child, or sweet the epitome of a free spirit, teaching the platoon how to do the lotus position and remarking on the Sergeant's drawings of seagulls. A vital film of the rocky era that all should see, and unfortunately a bit hard to find, the only reason I could watch it is because my father had it, a lot of torrent sites have the vhs converted to dvd so you can probably snag it online.

David L (ca) wrote: I first saw this late night when I was 12 and it had stayed with me ever since. Sadly, the revisit didn't live up to the memory. Dracs is okay, but it's just rather feeble overall.

Benjamin S (kr) wrote: Well, if you like a 50s movie about invisible atomic mutated floating brains which strangle people with their still attached spines then this little B- movie is definitely fo you.

Sam L (ca) wrote: One of the greatest achievements in world cinema. Kirsanoff's film, which is rumored to have been completed before Eisenstein's "Potemkin," is a tour de force of editing and direction, form and style. Two months before she died, legendary film critic Pauline Kael said it was her favorite film of all-time.

Alex S (fr) wrote: Featuring a classic music score, iconic scenes and characters, and brilliant acting, Once Upon a Time in the West has been and always will be the definition of a great western

Moriah F (mx) wrote: Oh my gosh. <3 Soooo cuuute!!

Uditha D (kr) wrote: Everything about Tess (except for its length) was wonderful. Natassja Kinski was submissively and poignantly moving as Tess Durbeyfield, and all other performances - especially Peter Firth and Leigh Lawson - were tremendously convincing in their respective roles. The lush cinematography (which deserved its Oscar that year), which makes use of natural light at certain points, was simply amazing. And nowhere was the camerawork better than in the montage of scenes immediately following Tess' rape by Alec: it's as if though Roman Polanski intended to portray Tess as a rich and pretty lady in those scenes. But no, that's not to be: Tess is too honest and virtuous to remain that way with Alec. And you can see that on her face even in those scenes.The ending may have been too abrupt, but in nearly all respects, Tess is perhaps Polanski's best work, bar Chinatown. It's one of the most faithful adaptations of a novel I have ever watched, and even if you haven't read the novel (or for that matter are not into novels at all), I'll guarantee that you'll enjoy this wonderful classic. Except of course its almost epic length.