All Boys

All Boys

A look at the social and individual impact of the boy porn industry in Europe. Men in boy porn business within the commerciality of the passing beauty of youth, of poverty. Gay porn is the fastest growing segment of the Entertainment business. And it's the exploitation of the lonely...

A look behind the scenes of the Czech gay porn boom. Porn producer Dan Komar, and his ex-lover/star Aaron Hawke, shown what life is like on both sides of the camera. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jose Javier T (fr) wrote: Michael Keaton a bad guy with the American dream.. Great role and good decent cast...

Vaughan M (it) wrote: Underrated and absolutely hilarious

tony t (br) wrote: prime. good for a bad horror film

Amy F (au) wrote: The third of the Halloweentown series ... still look forward to it every Halloween

Paul M (kr) wrote: Doesn't quite have the class to pull off the psychological aspect and Alba unfortunately isn't good enough to carry the weight of her situation, she's not awful just not great. It feels very much like a TV movie.

S E (es) wrote: For its vision of a multicultural melting pot Japan with bilingual inhabitants, drugs, sex, and violence, I give it 4 stars. It was a fabricated fantasy world that fascinated me. There's probably a moral in the story too--but most of it is just bizarre entertainment. Gaijin speaking flawless Japanese, Japanese-speaking Chinese, and other interesting realities.

miruna (nl) wrote: great character and feel. bit long but heh

Bolly B (es) wrote: Well... actually Gwyneth Paltrow don't look too much like a 27 years student, but she's a good actress and I loved the script. By the way Jake Gyllenhaal is hot!

Jyoti J (it) wrote: Scared the life out of me; hated it. But love Pierce Brosnan always!

Maur C (ru) wrote: Good, good, good! Rudger is... so hot!

Michael G (us) wrote: Car chases typically fill me with a sense of dread for our hero, unless they are in a monotonously-boring film. This film feels overly-long at its relatively short runtime of 90 minutes, and the ever-swearing unnamed Selena Gomez character doesn't help much. The lone bit of charisma in this movie comes from Hawke, but there's not much room to exercise said charisma in just a cool car. Jon Voight, the primary antagonist, puts on his best Bond villain accent, but without much of a face to be afraid of, you can't really feel any dread after the inevitable shout of "Answer!" from Hawke. Even the film's title is problematic - the misnomer of "Getaway" doesn't apply to anything in the film - this movie actually centres on Voight kidnapping Hawke's wife and then the former promising to release the latter if Hawke completes a set of missions, of which ring the bell to a tune of "smash everything" or "evade the cops". It's a live-action video game, and it's not Gran Turismo.

Brett A (kr) wrote: The movie that started the franchise. A lot of fun but dated a bit now. Interesting characters, although rather two dimensional. Still.... love it.

Albaab R (br) wrote: A good taut thriller is SO HARD to find these days...simple gripping premise...superb kid it if you're in the mood for a thriller. Highly recommended