All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

Charlie and Itchy return to Earth to find Gabriel's Horn, but along the way meet up with a young boy named David, who ran away from home.

When their old enemy Carface Caruthers steals Gabriel's Horn, it's Charlie and Itchy's duty to return to Earth and find the valuable horn. If they are not able to accomplish this action, there will be no chance for them to become angel guardians. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 torrent reviews

Mark B (it) wrote: It is fabulously acted, but for me the second half engaged me, while in the first I felt too conscious of a whole lot of setting up happening.

Anthony F (gb) wrote: For some background (cataclysmic disasters are not my expertise), if an earth-ending asteroid strikes the earth, it takes approximately 12 hours for the shockwave/firestorm to completely engulf the surface. In this story, said asteroid strikes somewhere in the North Atlantic and leaves the city of Perth, Australia 12 hours before the inevitable. Our main character, James (a star-making Nathan Phillips), who's made some bad decisions in life, decides to ditch his newly revealed pregnant gf, Zoe, to attend an apocalyptic drinking/drug taking/orgy fest (read: party) with his besties. On the way, however, he happens upon a young girl looking for her father who's about to be savagely taken advantage of by 2 creeps and saves her life. James is then faced with a dilemma: attend the party to end all parties and numb the approaching firestorm or make one last attempt to do the right thing and unite a lost girl with her family? I'll never tell, but this admittedly overly familiar story is overcome by powerful performances and inherent passion behind the camera. For lovers of gripping drama and apocalyptic thrills, this obscure Australian import is not to be missed.

Kashfia F (us) wrote: Complete copy of the original in Hindi...interesting reversal in trend. And the original was much much better!!

Peter P (jp) wrote: Awful has a name, and it is Werewolf: The Beast Among Us.

Alejandro C (it) wrote: Poco diablo adentro...

Frances H (jp) wrote: So glad I ignored both the critics and the audience ratings on this one. I thought it was utterly hilarious in a black comedy way!

Aaron M (br) wrote: Blue Streak is your classic 90's action comedy and is right in Martin Lawerences prime. Its daft, unrealistic and slapstick..the perfect formula for a good 90's movie. Its pretty short and sweet but its the type of movie which can appeal to all if your not wanting anything serious but just something to put a smile on your face.

Robin (mx) wrote: Hilarious movie, and strange as hell. Strange sexual tensions everywhere, I love it.

Matthew V (de) wrote: A story about Janet Reno, murderer.

Jacynthe G (fr) wrote: jai le film en vhs!!!

Alessandro B (ru) wrote: Thank God Ben Affleck is a good director/writer, because he sucks as an actor. The movie overall shows some grat ideas, but lacks development of some storylines...and the dialogues at times are atrocious.

Glen S (es) wrote: The acting is very good, the story is interesting mostly, but it just isn't captivating. An insite into the lives of some of the British upper class during the first world war and into the sexual revolution that followed the end of the Victorian age. Well done, but not compelling.

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Trent G (de) wrote: Started off fun & unique, but quickly got repetitive.