All for Love

All for Love

When a romance novelist is teamed with a Navy SEAL as research for her book, by a mandate from her publisher, she is less than thrilled and he is more than honest. However, as she works with the SEAL, she has a change of heart and learns to look at her life and writing with a different point of view.

The movie tells the story of a romance novelist who finds herself falling for a former Navy SEAL while learning to look at her life and writing with a different point of view. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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HollyMaree S (us) wrote: This movie is pretty much a Australian Blair witch I defiantly was not a fan

Michael B (ag) wrote: A movie well worth the time. I am disappointed that it took me so long to see it. Sam Rockwell does a superb job at keeping the mood upbeat despite what Liam James' character, Duncan, experiences thanks to Trent (Steve Carell). This is an excellent movie.

David S (ca) wrote: In a recent excellent Cinebanter review, the protagonist of this film is described as "depressed about moving in with [her grandmother, after the sudden departure of her mother," and as a bookish adolescent who "turns to science for comfort and becomes borderline paranoid about the state of the ecosystem." While that fine reviewer couldn't recommend the film enough, something about what she said didn't jive with my experience of seeing it at the Hampton International Film Fest, when it was first "unfolding" in the US, an occasion which allowed me to talk to its marvelous director/writer at the conclusion of the show. It was my sense that the film is less about the absolute vulnerability of the dispossessed young than the resilient power & rational flexibility of a consciousness coming of age amid, as James Hansen says, our grandchildren's storms. While there is an emotional (ie., mildly explosive) scene in which the activist-to-be, played expertly by Perla-Haney Jardine, is venting much of the confusion & frustration of a life unsupported, call that moment of high-drama borderline or paranoid almost certainly misses the mark that Miss Deller hoped to leave. My sense of what she was trying to project is that these ARE ecologically profoundly unsupported times & that most of us, "selfishly" walking around in our bubbles---relationships, income, tasks, desires, perhaps most in ascendance---have to be nudged away from our individualist habit(at)s BY some measure of noise & light! Indeed, in the putative scene, the apotheosis of expression that this critic felt exhibited borderline/paranoid behavior actually represents what I would call the budding, intense awareness of a human mouthpiece for a mute problem in a gray period within the history of nature.Indeed, Miss Deller is a deft and subtle enough writer & film-maker to have been able to weave the socio-economic woes of an adolescent "empirically" grappling with torment into the larger fabric of her cognitive, & finally collegial, culture-passion. It's THIS odyssey, more than out-and-out suffering, that's at the heart of the film: how one starts alone, yet accompanied (eg, the metaphoric maternal classroom), & yet how one thrives by achieving a middle course that's inherently social (if artisanally lonely). The careful observer of the film will note how Lauduree negotiates her many relationships via truth & sincerity, but also how her perspectives on others evolve as she unselfishly realizes the attentive value of specialists, hobbyists, enthusiasts...dare I say, cineastes? That coming-of-age challenge, narratively, was, to my mind, masterfully overcome by an eventual solution to an early riddle the movie poses: to kiss, or to be kissed; or ... well, Whether To Kiss At All! Neither spoiling nor alerting here as to what THAT might mean, but one of the most touching aspects of _Future Weather_ is how mothers almost always find their ways back to their children: however unlikely, however haltingly, however far, futile, or unclasped. And since nurturing is, essentially, what saving the planet or sustaining our life-giving environment is all about, the only thing that remains borderline about this film is the question of whether the mass of humanity will become educated enough---indeed, this is the Light that that disruptive scene takes greatest pains to shed---about the verifiable realities of what's before us. Beyond her own "math/science" background, & what appears to be a generational influence of the technical arts, it's anyone's guess as to where Jenny Deller's windy city vision hails from, or how far it can go in the world. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist (although some, like dear Homer Hickam, blend affectionately with us laity!) to know that absorbing this tale is to become intimate with an experiment in human-science, & that if more impressionable youth attend it, fewer minds entering our workforce or going into public service are likely to remain "hid" among the ignorant, indifferent alcoves of, say, private TV. Indeed, I left more illuminated about the ways of extended family, & more "taught" upon the virtues of Men of Good Advice, than I would had I wasted a sawbuck on _2016: Obama's America_ , another kind of future weather all together! For films that are DESIGNED to brainwash, by turning us so, return us to the unquestioned provinces of all-too-familiar belief.Now I may be paranoid in thinking that the only real fear we have more than 6 mos. into this "indie" release is that it may not be fully nationally distributed by a studio interested in something more than sex, violence, political intrigue or superheroes. But if there are healthy things to BE paranoid about, then I'm happy to claim such fate as my momentary illness.~DJS

dale h (it) wrote: I love the idea of this movie. the plot sucked don't get me wrong. This movie makes up with the humor.

Michelle P (jp) wrote: Much better than I expected. Very funny.

Aashish M (br) wrote: O.o boring overall the last part i mean ending was lil' a bit good

Martin D (us) wrote: Jake is a country singer that makes a bet with her manager: she will make a country singer out from any person in a period of two weeks.Since her manager can choose who the person is, he decides to choose a Nick Martinelli, a cab driver. From that moment, Rhinestone becomes a race against time. Well it,s not one of Slys best but not to bad.

Scott R (de) wrote: something is just off enough to keep it from being a great film. it has you for a while but cant quite nail the landing.

Stephen M (ru) wrote: A good little B-movie about a journalist whose eyewitness testimony convicts a potentially innocent man of murder. The journalist himself then becomes a victim of circumstantial evidence after his despised neighbour is murdered. The plot is contrived and overuses both flashback and voice-over, but there's an excellent expressionist dream sequence in the middle. John McGuire makes a dull hero but Peter Lorre walks away with the movie with his 10 minute contribution.

Joe G (br) wrote: The epitome of Marx brothers comedy, Horse Feathers is the best of Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and Zeppo. Satirizing the college experience in the early 30's, Groucho becomes the newest president of Huxley College. In order to secure a long tenure at Huxley, they must win their first football game in decades. Enter Chico & Harpo, mistaken as football stars, to save the program and Groucho's employment. Hilarity ensues as the Marx brothers attempt to court the college widow, adjust to college life, and play rival school Darwin in the big game. Witty comedy and slapstick humor abounds, making Horse Feathers a favorite comedy of mine.

Trill F (br) wrote: The story is well told, and Mary Pickford is goood. Some of it's kinda dark, some's kind of cutesy. Not bad to watch.

Anand K (ag) wrote: So the bad guy concocts a plan where he confesses to a murder and spends 8 years in prison just so he can then be released by the woman's husband who sent him to jail where he got castrated, when he could have just skipped that step and went after her from the get-go? Yeah ok Hollywood.

Greg E (it) wrote: The heart wants what it wants. As an amateur critic, every Woody Allen movie I watch feels like I just dated my hypothetical stepdaughter. Despite the quasi-incestuous aura, Radio Days is fun for the whole family. It transports young folks like myself from a world of ubiquitous devices that make phone calls and wipe your ass simultaneously, to an era where radio DJs had character (which is frightening and unusual).

Ryan S (mx) wrote: the best movie in the 20 century

Ash E (de) wrote: Truly random movie. Although I do love it when normally dramatic actors take on a completely ridiculous role. I feel like it makes the actors slightly more accessible in the eyes of the audience. It is entertaining if you have nothing else to watch, not a movie to seek out.