All for the Winner

All for the Winner

Sing, a dumb, lovable mainlander with supernatural powers comes to China to visit his uncle Tat. When it's revealed that Sing can see through objects, Tat employs him as "The Saint of Gamblers," and proceeds to set him loose in the gambling world.

A man discovers that his dumb, lovable nephew can see through objects and decides to unleash him into the world of gambling. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin D (gb) wrote: An extremely disturbing found footage horror film that I wouldn't recommend to anyone who is sensitive to torture porn. I've seen a lot of horror films and read a lot of true crime books and know of dark things that go on behind closed doors and this movie still scared me. Truly unsettling. Viewer discretion seriously advised.

David A (us) wrote: Jerry O'connell is so cool. great movie. so romantic.

Chihiro I (ca) wrote: Ok, Sayuri Yoshinaga is beautiful. No doubt about it. However, I should be blinded by her fame in order to admit that she is "young and beautiful" enough to be loved by her husband's student who seems to be in his 20s. If you see this movie as her promotion movie, that'd be completely no problem. Unfortunately I didn't.

Mish J (ag) wrote: its not bad its not good, its in between

(nl) wrote: It remembers me very much of the good 80's times when movies were just no naive and good of heart that, even if they could not be taken seriously, still would let you felling good about it in a saturday afternoon.

Tony M (gb) wrote: Good film and good acting. 4 stars.

Cole E (ag) wrote: It's difficult to rate a Troma film. They are films that are intentionally made bad, but occasionally end up somewhat enjoyable. "Class of Nuke 'Em High" has its moments, but in the end it's difficult to see it as anything other than what it was trying to be.

Jamie C (de) wrote: Let's face it a comedy/musical film about Dolly Parton making a bet to teach Sylvester Stallone country and western singing is never going to be a box office hit or a critics favorite, Plus the fact that I can't stand musical films not a fan on country and western music or Dolly Parton isn't going to help but Stallone makes this film easier to watch (But not to listen) His singing is not great but he tries bless him, Having said all that I can see why it could be a guilty pleasure it has some cheap laughs, It's fun and not half as bad as it sounds plus it looks like they had allot of fun on set so don't judge too soon but it's nowhere near a classic.

Chris W (ag) wrote: This has to be one of the more, I think, underrated films of the past couple of years. The film is a prison drama centered around a parole officer nearing retirement who gets locked into a psychological duel with a convicted arsonist and the man's alluring wife-both of whom will do what it takes to convince the officer to help make early release possible.The film is all about control, manipulation, psychological games, and the motifs of religious belief, guilt, and temptation. Much of it is quite well done, but the rest is a little iffy, and could have been handled better, particularly how the narrative is executed. I do like the performances though, because those are definitely the highlight. Robert De Niro and Edward Norton reteam for the first time since The Score, and they are very impressive to watch, mostly because they are both acting somewhat against type. The really impressive person here though, is Milla Jovovich. She gives a very compelling and convincing performance without ever getting to over the top. It's a real treat to see her in action.Give this one a chance. It's flawed, but decent and compelling enough to warrant a viewing.

Art S (ca) wrote: A Cassavetes film is always an intense experience and Husbands is no different. Subtitled "A comedy about death, life, and freedom", it doesn't seem like a comedy at all, unless you choose to treat the act of living as comedic. Perhaps it is and we should. Peter Falk, Ben Gazzara, and Cassavetes himself are all pretty incredible, exuding raw emotion, laced with confusion and sometimes near delirium. After the fourth of the friends dies, the remaining three look into the void, take stock, go on a bender, and potentially screw things up with their wives and kids. As with all of Cassavetes films, there is a loose improvisatory feel here and some scenes go on too long, some exposition is seemingly missing, and you never know what will happen next. In other words, great.

Tim K (br) wrote: The premise and beginning of this movie actually had a creepy promising start. Then that all died along with the crew.

Cameron F (fr) wrote: Overweight mall guard saves the day from armed thieves. Clichd and stupid.