All Good Children

All Good Children

After the death of their mother, Irish youngsters Dara and Eoin are moved to France to stay with their aunt. There, the boys befriend a local English family and the impressionable Dara falls under the spell of their young daughter Bella. But when she begins to pull away, Dara's feelings for her start to get out of hand.

After the death of their mother, Irish youngsters Dara and Eoin are moved to France to stay with their aunt. There, the boys befriend a local English family and the impressionable Dara ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David C (fr) wrote: An under-rated gem of a movie. A bitter-sweet script by Bill "Alfie", "Spring & Port Wine" Naughton, some subtle acting (John Mills revealing vunerability beneath a blustering surface), a 'nude' scene forMs Mills and a score by Paul McCartney make thise a favourite.

Linda A (gb) wrote: looks like a good movie

Rochelle H (gb) wrote: Brilliant and underrated.

Jason C (us) wrote: Melodramatic at times but well acted and filmed. Great car chase.

Rachit K (us) wrote: I really liked it. The subtlety, and the rage, intertwined as one! At places i found thge movie lacking as far as the performances are concerned, but when we are talking of such grave issues, who cares! It has the capacity to boggle your mind with the truth behind the veils of Godra aftermath!

Guillest S (gb) wrote: 5,8. Regular To Favorable

Ricky P (gb) wrote: incredibly sad and more frightening than any halloween horror movie

Andrew D (ru) wrote: Very inspirational and entertaining sports drama.

Kendall C (jp) wrote: In my humble opinion, David O Russell has yet to top this movie.

Graydon B (mx) wrote: Probably one of the best war movies I've ever seen, the combat is realistic, the story is good, and the acting is magnificent!! If you want to see a good war movie and haven't seen this one, go check it out! I highly recommend it!!

Jason E (ca) wrote: I remember enjoying this film at the time, very poignant - must track down the DVD and watch it again.

JoJo E (ag) wrote: surprised how well Brad Pitt did playing the bad guy. interesting flic.

Raphael G (jp) wrote: Although beautifully shot and very atmospheric, the thing with the overdubbing lines just threw me off, because it took some of the realistic feeling away from me. So, in a way, despite all its grandeur, it felt a bit dated to me. By the end I wasn't much interested. Great story though, and very bold movie making!!

Brad H (nl) wrote: Once a daringly-grand show piece Zulu has lost a lot of its punch over the years, reducing its impact against the modern movie goer who is used to huge sets and grand movie budgets. Despite this its still a good piece of Golden Age Brit cinema that's worth a look for anyone with good taste in cinema.

Shannon B (es) wrote: Basically an amazing movie!!! Esther Williams is my hero!!!!! To swim so much and still have a smile on your face... it is amazing!

Michael Y (ru) wrote: interesting but dated movie. A somewhat predictable plot, especially if one has been lots of mystery/film-noir films.

Onie S (ag) wrote: Not just a great war movie, it's a great movie period. The last third of the movie stands out especially. Two thumbs up.

Harris M (nl) wrote: Made me's so very stupid. But so very worth it.

Grant S (ru) wrote: All-star cast, but so-so script and direction.Plot sounded interesting enough - civilians get hired by the NSA to hack the research of a potential Russian scientist. However, almost from the start it lacks focus. Too many silly scenes and dialogue.Throw in a plot that isn't entirely watertight, or plausible, and things go off course pretty quickly. Direction is far from solid, too. Things don't always make sense, or follow properly.It has its moments though. The game of high-stakes espionage was interesting at times.All-star cast mostly give solid performances. However, Ben Kingsley is badly miscast as the bad guy. The role seemed so beneath him, especially as he gets to be a stereotypical Bond-type villain, and has to put on a fake, barely believable, New York accent.