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An ex-con returns to his rural Ontario roots and outwits a corrupt and wealthy thoroughbred owner trying to take over a slew of local farms. Ray Dokes, a charming ex-ballplayer, returns from jail to discover the rural landscape of his childhood transformed by urban development. Determined to stay out of trouble, Ray heads to the farm of his old friend Pete Culpepper, a crusty Texas cowboy who trains losing racehorses and whose debts are growing faster than his corn.

An ex-con returns to his rural Ontario roots and outwits a corrupt and wealthy thoroughbred owner trying to take over a slew of local farms. Ray Dokes, a charming ex-ballplayer, returns ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick L (es) wrote: "I don't even want to know what's inside the bag because it stinks"DVD Movie Review: The Bag ManDate Viewed: April 27 2014Directed By David GrovicScreenplay By David Grovic and Paul Conway, Based on the original screenplay "Motel" by James RussoStarring: John Cusack, Robert De Niro, Rebecca Da Costa, Crispin Glover, Dominic Purcell, Sticky Fingaz, Martin Klebba, Mike Mayhall, Danny Cosmo and David Shumbris.Oh Robert De Niro, NOT AGAIN! After starring in five terrible movies last year, you choose to do more crap. What's your excuse this time? You're doing this lame crime thriller so that you can get a free vacation to Hawaii. Is that right? De Niro plays, yes another crime boss and what's embarrassing about his character is that his name is Dragna. When that name popped up, I couldn't stop laughing. The strangest thing about this movie is that De Niro's character looks like an acclaimed director who De Niro has worked with in the past. Can you guess who he is?If you guess Martin Scorsese, you are correct! You know what, let's just call him Marty throughout this entire review, that name will be much better than Dragna. In "The Bag Man", we follow a down-on-his-luck hitman named Jack (John Cusack) who gets hired by Marty (De Niro) to protect a bag. What's inside the bag? We never know. Marty tells Jack to hold the bag in a motel somewhere until he arrives but once he gets to the motel Jack encounters a femme fatale named Rivka (Rebecca Da Costa).Soon, the night turns violently when two tough guys named Guano (Martin Klebba) and Lizard (Sticky Fingaz) try to kill Jack and Rivka but they manage to escape only to be arrested by corrupt county sheriffs led by Larson (Dominic Purcell). The cops want to know what's inside the bag if not they will rape Rivka but Jack and the femme fatale manage to kill the cops and escape from custody. When Marty finally arrives to get the bag, not only does Jack not give it to him, he wants to know what's inside the bag. Then you get a howler of an ending that have will you throw your popcorn at the screen.When I first saw the trailer for "Hot Tub Time Machine", I thought this was going to be the worst movie John Cusack has ever done in his entire career but I was wrong. He looks so bored here and what about De Niro, he isn't that much fun as Dragna, I mean Marty. Rebecca Da Costa delivers a godawful performance playing Cusack's partner in crime. Crispin Glover is also in this movie playing the creepy motel clerk. What's inside the bag in "The Bag Man", I'll tell ya, bits and pieces of other movies like "Se7en", "Identity", "Killer Joe", and "Reservoir Dogs".The cinematography by David Knight is dreary to look at and the screenplay by Paul Conway and first-time director David Grovic is way too silly and repetitive for it's own good. I don't care what's inside the bag, All I know is that it stinks.

Frank N (ag) wrote: The ending was good but it was a very boring ride till then.

Steve T (jp) wrote: Pretty decent action flick. Good plot with some sad parts. As old as Van Damme is, he's still a badass!

Jeremy I (es) wrote: Stunning, unforgettable and totally engaging drama. Unmissable. Masterpiece.

PJ E (au) wrote: Sounds came out animals I never heard before. People did things to animals I never want to see again. Yet somehow this film works in an extreme culture shock sort of way.

MEC r (es) wrote: This movie was alright. Typical journey to Hollywood, relationship type film. Seemed like a homemade film in some parts, but all-in-all it's okay to watch to pass the time.

Jaime A (de) wrote: Its ok but still kinda enjoyed it.

Raji K (jp) wrote: Tyrese and Vince Rhames star in a film written, produced and directed by John Singleton, Baby Boy. Singleton presents the idea of many young black men are still babies in the fact they won't leave the nest, remain attached to their mothers among a few things. Tyrese is Jody and he has many of these characteristics. He lives at home, and cheats on his girlfriend Yyvette (Taraji P. Henson) that he has a kid with. He does not have much of a job, and spends most of his days drifting. Things are about to change when mother starts dating Melvin (Ving Rhames). Melvin is a man that has gone through it all. Jody is threatened by this and is also afraid that he is going to be kicked out of the house. The two are at constant odds, and his mother tries to keep the peace between the two. His girlfriend gets tired of him cheating on him, but Jody seems to not realize what he has despite some of his best efforts. When a former lover of Yvette comes out of prison (Snoop Dogg) the film escalates and it becomes time to grow up. As a viewer, you feel for Jody and do hope that he begins to group up and make light of his circumstances, but realize it's hard for him to be motivated with the circumstances of his surroundings. Baby Boy features decent characters that keep the movie going. The film's plot seems a bit sparse and is sometimes boring. The performances of Taraji Henson, Rhames and Jody's mother A.J. Johnson are quite good and steal every moment they have on screen. Tyrese does a good enough job for as an actor coming from a music background. Singleton's film is not as powerful or memorable as Boyz N the Hood, but is a solid follow-up, and has some underrated performances. It is by no means a must-see film, but those who enjoy Singleton's films should enjoy this one as well. -1.27.2017

Shounak B (nl) wrote: This one by the absolute master Kiarostammi, tells us the actual way of life and death and maybe everything very beautifully and poetically through it's own rich element of content and philosophy supported from the works Iranian artists.This is surely one of those kind of works explaining the real significant of the modern visual art medium,yes,the cinema itself.Cause,throughout the whole film and from the perspective of an outsider come only in connection for his work,we are going to know,understand the color,own beauty of rural Iran and not only that,but also the picture of their lifestyle,rural people's culture,tradition are captured in its background in its own way.Master's best film till date.

Andrew K (nl) wrote: Entertaining but there is no depth or meaning.

Daniel K (de) wrote: A forgotten minor classic. What should be average low-budget schlock is elevated by strong central performances and an affecting score.

Brian W (au) wrote: omfg. what the hell was this. i didn't see the whole movie but i saw enough to confuse and anger me.

Brett B (fr) wrote: Quite charming, with terrific voice work.

Dean H (gb) wrote: Nowhere near as bad as Reynolds makes it out to be. Oh and fuck Tarantino for taking the music.

Private U (jp) wrote: Nicolas Cage is a surprisingly good lead for a Lynch movie. Descent flick a bit too long.