All I Desire

All I Desire

In 1910, a wayward mother re-visits the family she deserted.

In 1910, a wayward mother re-visits the family she deserted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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F B (es) wrote: A good film apart from the irritating religious preaching goody goody undertones of the story.

Stephanie S (au) wrote: Hilarious dramedy about a mass-gay marriage in Madrid, featuring six queens (or 3 couples) and their parents. You know what they say, in love and war.... :D

Vishnu P (au) wrote: tale of a woman who is seeking her child and her very own existence. A GREAT suspense thriller

Grant P (ru) wrote: Crazy in Alabama is an odd film; perhaps most jarring about it is how the tone is remarkably inconsistent. When you see Antonio Banderas' name next to the director column, it's difficult to decide what sort of a film this is, and watching it doesn't make that any easier. (HUH? haha) Comedy or a drama? It could be both, it never decides what it needs to be and ends up as neither, because the two sections of the film (one with Lucille - absurdest comedy/one with Peejoe - civil rights drama) never quite overlap even when they do narratively. Skip this.

Tarek E (ag) wrote: Great ending sequence, and also a crazy ending.

Paul P (nl) wrote: Seen this movie when it first came out, not seen it since, but been looking for it. The sound track is out of this world.

stephen s (ag) wrote: Frankenstein Meets the Wolf man

Ryan M (us) wrote: Fantastic movie. Great music, great pacing, great idea.

Aodhan R (jp) wrote: A fantastically made movie with the best sort of makeup effects, that were used for the scary zombies depicted in the movie, and humour that leaves you glued to your seat ( well, to a certain extent, that is ). Set in the East End of London: the home of the cockneys is about to be cursed by a zombie apocalypse that will lure people out of their homes to get bitten accidentally by the zombies, with the outcome of the newly-infected cockneys turning into zombies, and joining the others for a feast of human flesh. While all this is happening a care home is about to be closed down and replaced by an apartment building, but it's sure as gone any way as the hungry zombies aren't far behind. The pensioners that live in the care home are forced to fight for their lives and their sanctuary, whilst the head pensioner called Ray - played by Alan Ford - is relying on two of his nephews to come to their aid and help them escape. The nephews are brothers called Andy and Terry - played by Harry Treadway and Rasmus Hardiker.These two brothers join sides with a professional female hit girl, a coloured psychopathic gunman and weapon organiser and the organiser and expert of the bank heist. These eejits are planning to rob a bank to get the money that will go towards Ray keeping his care home and living peacefully with his friends. Although their biggest avoidance and challenge is returning to the care home without getting bitten by the hungry zombies that are lurking everywhere on the East End. It sounds like a very silly storyline and the movie's script is overwritten with excessive swear words that can be off-putting and unbearable to watch, but the humour has a way of overcoming the doubts the audience may have with this movie, and there's a brilliantly shot shootout sequence in the movie's finale. As weird as it appears to be it's enough to entertain you throughout different parts of the movie.

Victor M (fr) wrote: A really innovative suspense film, inside a strange structure.

Carlos Z (nl) wrote: Interesting take on hs.

Dax S (mx) wrote: Not a real Jason Bourne movie without Jason Bourne, plus the movie relies too heavily on medication instead of people

Shuug M (us) wrote: The best double cross