All Is Bright

All Is Bright

Two French Canadian ne’er-do-wells travel to New York City with a scheme to a get rich quick selling Christmas trees. Easygoing charmer Rene (Paul Rudd) clashes with misanthropic ex-con Dennis (Paul Giamatti), whose wife Rene just stole. Still, this odd couple must make an honest go of it in this fresh buddy comedy co-starring Sally Hawkins, by the director of the indie breakout hit Junebug.

Two French Canadian, Dennis and Rene, go to New York City to make money by selling Christmas trees. Dennis needs money to buy his daughter the piano she's love but he don't really like the jobs. With the help of his friend, can he sell all the trees out and earn enough money for his daughter luxury gift? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Car Rod J (ag) wrote: The best Filipino comedy film so far!

Mark C (br) wrote: Knew very little before seeing this. Not bad. Low budget but looked pretty good. Acting was okay, not bad. It got a little loosey goosey for me in the 3rd act but it finished well enough for a positive rating. Less of a drama and more of a light character study.

Gwen H (it) wrote: Beautiful setting accompanies a beautiful story which takes place during the early 70's and China's "re-education" period. I actually really liked the ending especially since it is not a Hollywood-style happy/tragic ending. A surprising little film that will draw you in.

Jesse F (br) wrote: Sandra Bullock is just the first of many reasons why this film is a step-above watchable.

RACHEL T (nl) wrote: love this film i like all the dancing and that.

James S (jp) wrote: I can't remember if I've seen this or not. If I have, it didn't leave much of an impression.

Simon B (ag) wrote: This is not the worst slasher I've seen but it's really predictable and typical.

cynna k (kr) wrote: I love Justin Long and he portrayed nerky geeky love-sick Sam very well. The movie does drag a bit, but the Indie feel and the music scores are highlights for me. I think the movie worked overall, and had enough quirky and odd elements to appeal to a subset of the Indie population.

Erin D (ag) wrote: this film was funny and smart, and I can see why, at the time in 1984, the year i was born, that this film would be the most successful film of the year. watching it in 2015, i think the edge is somewhat worn off for me, and i have no nostalgia goggles for it because this is my first time watching it. but the chase scene at the beginning of the film was amazing, simply amazing and well done, it got a lot of oohs and aaahhs from me. plus Reinhold's character cracked me up on several occasions and Murphy was excellent, young, smart-aleck-y and charming. but the story was pretty thin, and the baddie's were kinda blah. overall enjoyable, but not that memorable.

Marc G (de) wrote: Has an incredible heart to it.