All Is by My Side

All Is by My Side

A drama based on Jimi Hendrix's life as he left New York City for London, where his career took off.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:118 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A drama based on Jimi Hendrix's life as he left New York City for London, where his career took off. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


All Is by My Side torrent reviews

Mae V (de) wrote: I love this movie because it's funny and I am pretty satisfied with it. Nice performance to you Park Bo-young and your awesome singing !! :) And the boy was so Cute

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Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Jeff S (ru) wrote: Ben Affleck's first directorial effort is completely carried by his brother's great lead performance (which should've been more recognized)

Mike B (br) wrote: Boy, is this film boring. The first 15 minutes is insufferable, and inexplicably opens with a big band number played in its entirety. It has a big cast, but the story is irritating and hard to stick with. I enjoy watching older films, but this didn't cut it.

Kenneth B (nl) wrote: A very good little war film from us Brits. In all honesty it's a while since I saw this but all of my memories are good.

Miguel R (fr) wrote: This is a well acted film across the board, with Exceptional work by Kevin Costner, as the newly widowed Grandfather put in charge of raising on his own, his deceased daughter's mixed race Daughter. As the daughter, Jillian Estell is equally exceptional, and has great chemisty with Costner. Every one of their scenes resonates. Octavia Spencer is terriffic as the Child's Grandmother on her estranged Father's side of the family. There are some comic moments, but an equal number of heart wrenching scenes as well. The other Supporting Actors including Anthony Mackie as the Grandmother's Brother and Lawyer, and Andre Holland, as the girls estranged, drug abusing Father do outstanding work. I was suprised to see Stand Up Comic Bill Burr, in a large supporting role as Costner's Brother and Legal Coworker,and he does a Fine job. This movie would be rated higher, but the last 30 minutes is melodrama, and even includes some violence that really seems to change the tone of the film. I still think it is worth seeing for its Excellent acting, in particualr Costner, and the Young talented Jillian Estell.

Al R (fr) wrote: WOW!! Michael Moore at his very best. Donald Trump and his rich friends need to see this and be ashamed of how great America isn't. Perhaps if enough people see this America could change before it is too late.