All It Takes Is a Miracle

All It Takes Is a Miracle

Homeless man finds a bag with half a million in cash.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Homeless man finds a bag with half a million in cash. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


All It Takes Is a Miracle torrent reviews

Taufik A (de) wrote: yeah i know it's not flawless but still, this is the best (overall) korean movie of the year, trust me it's hilarious...

Petros T (nl) wrote: This is a film you can easily diss. But it's almost as easy to get carried away by the plot and the characters. The precocious Paloma might be seriously unlikeable and the whole thing might at times seem pretentious, but it's difficult to resist the - at times sweet and at times bitterly sad - storyline or, for that matter, the central message, the struggle of the uncompromised.

Cheryl T (it) wrote: I think if I wasn't a Christian this movie woudl be weird.. but I liked it :) Good things to think about and I completely agree with hating religion :D Whenever I know someone is goign on a plane trip I pray for divine encounters.. You never know who you'll sit by and the conversation that can happen :D

Marc R (br) wrote: How do you make a movie about a man stuck in a windshield? Stuck is the solution and was a decent one too. The ending complemented it a little, without it I'd hate it.My tomatoemeter: 65%

David S (fr) wrote: Preaches to its choir in the most unsubtle, glaringly obvious ways possible, all while uncovering no fact unknown to anyone with a decent knowledge of pop culture.

K J E (jp) wrote: recommended by Brian

ToMaSaN (au) wrote: This was probably one of the worst, low budget, wannabe future films i have ever seen. The sets and the acting are so horrible that i am actually amazed that i made it through the entire thing. I can't actually believe that Christopher Lambert (Highlander) did this movie! Well, i guess i can believe it, he does tend to do some real shit-fests, but this takes the entire shit taco! This movie just royally sucked lion balls! Never watch this, even if you are paid to do so.

Andrew T (au) wrote: It may be time to stop QuickRating when I get to ones with no picture, no cast, and no synopsis.

Kyle B (ru) wrote: Guest and company are just great in everything they do. O'Hara, Willard, Posey, and Levy are all great in their roles and the writing is great just like in all of Guest's movies

Peter F (es) wrote: John Waters' sophomore feature is just as decadent, unhinged, and gut-bustingly hilarious as anything else he directed. Shot in a shoddy black-and-white with low-fi audio, Waters still makes the most of his negligible budget by keeping the film consistently bizarre, and ugly in the most jovial way possible. Deliriously funny and unpredictable (featuring at least one instance of Deus Ex Machina), Multiple Maniacs is a crown gem for the director's oeuvre, and perhaps the closest a camp-fest gets to being art.

rob l (au) wrote: first saw part of this on a sunday, on tv when i was about 14 yrs old or so

Erin D (es) wrote: a wonderful fairytale in the vein of the Princess Bride, well written, not horribly acted, beautifully filmed.

Allan C (mx) wrote: A tumor in Ken Marino's rear end emerges as a monster that proceeds to kill everyone around him who causes him stress. Something of a throwback to 1980s monster films along the lines of "Ghoulies," "It's Alive" but especially "Basket Case" which mixed black humor or horror as this film is striving to do. I really do enjoy just about any horror film that uses throwback style practical special effects, which this film used to a nice effect. Unfortunately, my preference would have been for a bit less overt of a comedy and more attempts at straight horror. The film does deliver some good gore and special effects, if that's you sort of thing, but it's definitely more comedy than horror, which I should have guessed from the casting of solid comedy actors Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs and Patrick Warburton. Peter Stormare also has a funny supporting role, though I could also see him playing straight horror quite easily. So even though I was expecting something more tonally aligned with 80s creature horror/comedy films, it's still a fairly entertaining gross-out comedy.