All Jacked Up

All Jacked Up

All Jacked Up peers into the real lives of four typical teenagers as they are urged to face up to the ongoing manipulation of their generation by big food manufacturers as their parents, schools, and government stand idly by.

All Jacked Up peers into the real lives of four typical teenagers as they are urged to face up to the ongoing manipulation of their generation by big food manufacturers as their parents, schools, and government stand idly by. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mason b (us) wrote: I really like Simon Pegg. Not only do I think he's funny, but he's one of the few comedic performers who can properly act. So I'm always excited to see him on screen, but in this case I found myself wishing he was starring in something far less flimsy. In A Fantastic Fear of Everything Pegg stars as a writer who's terrified of the outside world, but must venture out in order to meet with a new publisher. Pegg does his best in this film, but the film is far too thinly written to give him a fully developed character. The plot and narrative are actually worse. The entire film is simply a collection of scenes and plots that Pegg's character spends time in before moving on to the other. Many of the scenes work well enough on their own, but as together they don't work as a cohesive whole. While I was watching the film I was mildly amused and seemed to be enjoying myself, but after I turned it off I realized how little it left me with. A Fantastic Fear of Everything fails to tell a story because it has no clear narrative. It's far from unwatchable but the hugely underrated Simon Pegg deserves better material than this.

Agus B (mx) wrote: es una pelicula buena de stop motion pero no creo que sea de las mejores de stop motion ,yo prefiero kubo,coraline,el cadaver de la novia,el extrao mundo de jack,flushed away,jim y el durazno gigante,,wallace y gromit o chicken run

Ghufran A (nl) wrote: Gr8 story but Not a good direction

Giorgos V (mx) wrote: Fovero ergaki koukouroukou typas o protagonisths aytokatastrofikos ena retsli orthio. REcommended

Jena M (ca) wrote: It took me a while to get into it, but I loved it by the time it was over.

Braden H (de) wrote: "Australia, the Land Down Under... home to 20 million Kangaroos..." What a great start to a movie!The only problem with the movie Kangaroo Jack is that Kangaroo Jack, a lively marsupial that we were lead to believe was the main character, is not the main character. That's right, in fact, the main characters are Charlie Carbone (Jerry O'Connell) and Louis Booker (Anthony Anderson) from Brooklyn. This movie was not what one might have expected. We were lead to believe it was about Kangaroo Jack, an animated talking marsupial who resides in Australia, however, it spends about half of the movie in Brooklyn fleshing out the character roles of Charlie and Louis. By the way, it doesn't do a great job of that either. This movie is a slapstick family comedy that will be a hit for little ones who don't think much about story lines, or lowbrow humor, or having sexual innuendos go over their head.Here's a quick summary of the movie. It begins with a flashback to introduce the main characters and then flashes forward into the lives of Charlie (Jerry O'Connell) and Louis (Anthony Anderson). Louis has a job he needs help with and some to find out it was delivery stolen TVs. After a police chase scene they end up where Charlie's mob boss step dad was storing stolen goods. This makes Sal (Charlie's step dad) very angry and he send them on a mission to Australia. This was basically just a ton of bland chase scenes and a very strange ending.For a family film, this one was pretty violent. It seems that everyone brandishes a gun at some point and it crosses the line a bit with this quote from Mr. Smith where he says, "I'll chop you into snags and feed you to the crocs." Add to that the fact that the only female role is an overly sexy wildlife foundation employee and we end up with not the most family-friendly image.In essence, the comedy was nothing above juvenile, the violence was a bit over the top for a family comedy, and, most importantly, Kangaroo Jack only has a handful of parts to play. If you were expecting the lively kangaroo from the trailer to take the show, then this movie will disappoint you. He simply does not play as big of a part in the movie as the trailer led us to believe. I don't even want to mention the fact that the whole time it felt as if the director's didn't know whether to make the kangaroo as close to natural as possible or to make him the lively talking kangaroo we saw in the trailers. If only the airplane lavatory scene could have saved this film from an onslaught of poor reviews and disappointment. This movie is great for audiences with low attention spans and ones who don't care about the plot, or really anything that makes the movie good. As for the rest of us, don't waste your time. You're better off watching Elf which was also released in 2003. It took the comedy aspect of this movie and made it flourish.

Justin B (nl) wrote: 80 minutes of juvenile, plot less 80's T&A. What else could it have been?

Nollaig K (de) wrote: charming little movie about 2 lots of kids from different villages who go to war, some great one liners and set pieces

bill s (mx) wrote: This breaks no new ground but you'll like these characters and the special effects are little disaster movie.

Donna L (us) wrote: I found it extremely slow.

Chad J (kr) wrote: George showed why he is the man

Kat E (de) wrote: brilliant movie funny touching and mark ruffalo is amaxing

Noname (nl) wrote: Okey comedy movie with the funny garfield played by Bill Murray. The sequel was terrible tho. But this is worth seeing and a nice family movie.