All Mine to Give

All Mine to Give

This is a story based on fact that follows a husband and wife who emigrate from Scotland to Wisconsin in the 1850's. They work very hard and become welcome citizens of their new town, Eureka. They have six children. They prosper in the husband's boat building business. But when their eldest is 12, tragedy strikes the family, and the 12-year old is burdened with a terrible task which he handles as well as any adult could.

An immigrant family in 1850's Wisconsin prospers until tragedy strikes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jimmy C (nl) wrote: Un pauvre effort qubcois. Ils essaient de se faire leur propre blockbuster d't, mais y arrive peine. L'histoire principale est d'une pauvret ennuyante sans oublier les personnages qui manquent de tout, aucuns n'est attachant ou digne d'intrt. Les scnes d'actions sont normales et le film s'tire dans une attente dsespr de toucher l'auditoire comprendre le personnage principal dans sa qute travers un nombre insens de retour en arrire d'une platitude essayant d'tre rose-bonbon, mais qui donne juste lieu des scnes looooongues o tout le monde a l'air morts. Seul la musique certain moment et la cinmatographie peuvent russir dcrocher les quelques toiles que j'ai daign accord ce film. AH oui, est-ce que Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge est suppos tre talentueux? Pauvre relve..

Phil H (de) wrote: Nope I am correct haha another Dolph film with almost the same name as another Dolph film ('Direct Contact') and its just as bad, cheap, tacky as the other. This time Dolph is exposing crooked cops and...well basically beating and killing everyone in sight without breaking sweat, the usual stuff. Lots of gun fire and lots of missing etc...I dunno how they get funding for this identical cookiecutter stuff.

Matthew L (jp) wrote: What Lies Beneath is a psychological thriller with occasional bumps aside.

Tammi T (it) wrote: I saw the original Anne Frank was very good but I have not seen this one.

Robert S (br) wrote: This kept me on the edge of my seat. Makes you anxious. There are things that are unrealistic but it is a movie.

Indira S (jp) wrote: the only complain i had was, could the movie be any shorter plis,,, :I

Ryan M (es) wrote: I wish there were more directors like John Cassavetes. Hot damn is this one a masterpiece.

Dave J (nl) wrote: Monday, June 2, 2014 (2010) Stone PSYCOLOGICAL DRAMA/ THRILLER At the first few minutes, has a very young wife telling her young husband that she wants to leave him. He then goes berserk and runs upstairs straight to their first born child before threatening to drop it down below, telling her that if she leaves him, he's going to drop the baby down below since he won't have anything else to live for. Scared out of her wits, she reluctantly agrees, and makes a promise that she'll never leave him. Then the movie jumps several years later, and it appears that this very same couple have now aged 40 years older. The person that had once threatened to kill his first born daughter by dropping it out of the window has now grown up to be Jack Mabry played by movie veteran Robert DeNiro, and his wife is Madylyn Mabry (Frances Conroy). Jack's been working his whole life as some sort of parole officer who has the authority to grant a hearing for convicted convicts. He also happens to be close to retirement. One of those inmates he had to speak to is Gerald Creeson (Edward Norton), but nicknames himself to be called "Stone" hence the title. There's a reason why he calls himself that, and it was during this time the movie 'stalls' viewers by subjecting us to listen to this ridiculous analogy by suggesting that he is no different than Jack. Gerald even sends his young skanky girlfriend, Lucetta Creeson (Milla Jovovich) to do whatever it takes to convince Jack to grant him a hearing by not following proper protocol and just cut corners. At this point, I'm thinking how did Lucetta even get Jack's home phone number and find out where he lives in the first place? The movie never answers. We're also subjected to witness Jack's boring life, who we later find out that he only goes to church by principal, and upon listening to Bible passages quoted on the radio and on TV, he hears them but totally ignores them. His wife even made attempts to start a discussion with him about the passages and ignores her too exactly like he's been doing with her while living with him, which is why she wanted to leave him in the first place. The director by the name of John Curran tries to convey a point to the audience, but it somehow gets lost somewhere down the line since none of the characters or it's situations are unrelatable - he does this by adding uncommon situations and expect viewers to overlook it, but you can't because it's there and is also defined as a drama movie. 2 out of 4 stars

Bill M (ru) wrote: As my wife has pointed out, it is condescending to other countries that Americans only seem able to make movies through the eyes of a American journalist, American soldier, etc. Are we not allowed to have a Nicaraguan protagonist? And don't give me the subtitles excuse, Lean did quite well with Zhivago in all English.