All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane

All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane

Anthea is 25, single, hates her job – and all her friends are leaving Brisbane. Should she follow the herd to Sydney or London? Is there anything worth staying for now that her best friend Michael finally has a girlfriend? This film tells a universal story about finding your place and yourself...

Anthea is undergoing a crisis of confidence: overworked, no boyfriend, struggling to find goals - and all her friends are leaving Brisbane. She is tempted to leave herself, but is opposed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (nl) wrote: So awfully funny!!! You need to see this hunk of crap!!!! The whole film seems so confident in itself while trying to make this material.

Faisal M (br) wrote: a well made movie by anurag kashap... kalki wasnt bad in this role .naseeruddin shah was wasted.. the ending was kind of depressing.

Jiana W (kr) wrote: It felt like a soundtrack with a movie thrown in, lol. For real, the music was oftentimes so boisterous and loud that it became overpowering during a lot of the scenes. It was really distracting, especially since the soundtrack wasn't that cool (considering this is a snowboarding movie.) Anyways, sort of funny but I mostly found it cheesy and predictable, a la "Blue Crush", except with snow and ice.

Greg R (de) wrote: a quirkie film with a riveting performance by Jeff raises the rarely discussed topic of mental illness among the Jewish death camp survivours...very disturbing in parts...Ayelet Zurer is like a sexier version of Liv Tyler ...Dafoe does nazi well....

Will K (ca) wrote: Great movie to watch with friends. If you hadn't seen it, I sugest you go get it.

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Thomas H (mx) wrote: Fun monster movie nonsense with a likeable cast.