All My Sins Remembered

All My Sins Remembered


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All My Sins Remembered torrent reviews

Sean F (nl) wrote: Great movie with comedic moments galore.

Petros K (ca) wrote: doesn't live up to the promise of its premise24 3 2013

Courtney T (mx) wrote: I can not believe this is by the same director as Suspiria. There are beautiful shots of Turino and sweeping architecture and locations. However, Adrien Brody??s acting is sub par. Brody acts as if he is drugged out, bored and cannot wait for filming to end. This is how watching this film made me feel. Very little suspense and drama, the horror is typical of low budget gore porn fare, and who ever edited the film made it feel slow, clunky and not very believable. Dario Argento should be ashamed of this film.

Teemu P (nl) wrote: Wanted to see this only because Kaley Cuoco was in it. What a mistake it was. Kinda boring film and I read it was supposed be a comedy but I didnt find it that amusing. I guess it's meant for 14 year-old-guys or something since the jokes were that bad... But I gotta give one star for Kaley Cuoco who's just so damn hot.

Ashley H (de) wrote: Wicker Park is a decent film. It is about a young Chicago advertising executive who believes a woman he sees in a caf is his long-lost love. Josh Hartnett and Diane Kruger give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Paul McGuigan did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama and romance.

Paul S (gb) wrote: Amusing but predictable although I like watching Reese Witherspoon :)

Timm S (au) wrote: Nothing Special. Rehashing An Idea That Should Of Been Left To Rest & Be In Peace, Back In The 60's.

Joseph H (br) wrote: My favorite Jackie Chan movie of all time!!!

Lance C (mx) wrote: Birdman for grown ups.

THOMAS S (fr) wrote: A great film, Gene Wilder stars as Michael Jordon, an architect who gets caught in the middle of a murder and espionage within the government. The late Gilda Radner stars in this classic 1982 film. A great and underrated film.

Tania H (es) wrote: Powerful & violent movie that is tough to watch at times, but well worth the effort. Believable performances by most of the cast, but it's really Ray Winstone's amazing portrayal that stands out. "I'm the Daddy now!"

Quinton W (br) wrote: Will Ferrell's best role. I'm so used to not liking his movies that I had very low expectations but I wound up loving it. Ferrell's performance is great and the story is excellent.

Sean D (nl) wrote: Grease has finally been watched by me! And as hoped by my few fans out there, I gave it a very favorable review. There's a certain element of charm to Grease. Such as horrible and awkwardly hillarious singing and overacting by John Travolta. But clearly, it has always and will be intentional. His character is shy and shallow and times and continuously goofy and nervous around his love interest, as is Olivia Newton-John in her own way around him.Thr film, can be considered a drama but the elements are quite non-existent; otherwise, I'd like to consider this a Musical Coming-of-age Teen Romantic Comedy. The film has a great plot, it's not generic, even for the time. It doesn't end with the high school prom, but it does go through a whole year of high school with characters ranging from most likely grade 11 to upperclassmen. This film is one of the earliest coming-of-age films and in general set the stage for the high school musical series to arrive in years later, in a lot of ways that series and many other musicals cannot top Grease's pacing which can possibly only he topped by the likes of films like the original Annie. Like a lot of musicals in the '90s, they don't shove down your throat musical numbers in this film.The film does character development so well it's unbelievable. The main characters get their time as expected, but so do the supporting characters and some of them, you really get to understand and enjoy. This film does a lot of things right that even musicals or high school films lose the charm or essence that was taught in this film. Clearly, the critics say the 2nd film alone can't touch this film. This is a cult classic. Everyone needs to see it at least one. This is a film you use for film studies. Grease sets the bar ridiculously high for other films to come. Grease is purely amazing and one my favorite musicals of all time, I can't say enough good things about it. I'm so glad that I finally got a chance to see it!

Tony L (de) wrote: There are several moments that hit hard but in the end there is never a knock out blow. In a genre watered down with this all to familiar plot, Jack Reacher falls just short of trend setting.

Bill B (es) wrote: After hearing how great this film was, I was rather crestfallen to watch an annoying couple bicker for most of the runtime and then see a few blurry, Blair Witch-inspired bits at the very end that are supposed to be terrifying.The first true stinker of my Halloween 2015 viewing, definitely something I'd suggest you pass on unless you've got a greater threshold for meandering storytelling than I do.

Marianne M (ag) wrote: I really enjoy the way Charlize Theron chooses roles that play with traditional notions of beauty and femininity.

Yousuf A (it) wrote: Ok to be real its one of my favorites ,, Maybe its not smiler to the quality from Hollywood however the story was so romantic and sad but it got to me ,, loved every minute from the movie . it was worth it some might not like it because its a foreign movie but if you look deep and try to understand the story you will love it.

India A (gb) wrote: I was so pleasantly surprised. I stumbled upon this on hulu and really enjoyed it. Sally Field is brilliant as are the rest of the cast. It is funny, warm and a touch heart breaking. I laughed and I cried. Really fun to watch.