All Night Long

All Night Long

Executive George Dupler loses his temper and is demoted to the night manager at a 24 hour drugstore. After he suggests to his teenage son Freddie that he stop having an affair with suburban housewife Cheryl Gibbons, who is a distant cousin, Cheryl tries to seduce George. At home, in front of his mother, Freddie accuses his dad of stealing his girl, because he found Cheryl serving George a meal in the middle of the night, while her husband Bobby was on duty at the fire station. George then separates from his wife Helen, quits his job, moves into a warehouse, and asks Cheryl to move in with him

Executive George Dupler loses his temper and is demoted to the night manager at a 24 hour drugstore. After he suggests to his teenage son Freddie that he stop having an affair with suburban... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay D (mx) wrote: Crisp direction, nice acting, brilliant editing & awesome soundtrack yet this film falters at certain places. May not as good as Rohan Sippy's previous - Bluffmaster & Dum Maaro Dum, but an enjoyable fare. One time watch for sure.

Pa P (ag) wrote: watched this when still a kid..... still good.....

Jonathan S (ru) wrote: It's a hot-tub time machine. What more do you want?

Eric M (jp) wrote: Hard to go wrong with Amy Adams & Emily Blunt

Greg W (ag) wrote: The final chapter of the trilogy that began with The Decline of the American Empire and continued with The Barbarian Invasions, Days of Darkness has neither that chatty brilliance of the former nor the elegiac emotion of the latter.

Mayank M (us) wrote: cant comment on this one..

Joanna B (es) wrote: It's easy to forget the unknownA sophisticated dose of escapism, Unknown poses the ultimate question; what good is ones sense-of-self if no one else acknowledges it? And what good is an interesting film idea if it is undercut by bad writing?Flying into a billowing Berlin, upcoming international biotechnology summit guest speaker Dr Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) quickly hurries into a taxi accompanied by his beautiful younger wife Elizabeth Harris (January Jones). Arriving to check into their plush hotel, Martin realizes that his all important briefcase has been left behind on a trolley at the kerb-side pickup and in desperation of its retrieval, Martin instantly turns around and heads back to the airport.Martin's return ride takes an unexpected turn and the car accidentally takes a nose-diving into the freezing River Spree. Knocked unconscious, Martin is valiantly saved by the driver, but left without identification and in a comma.Coming round four days later, Martin is unclear about recent events and suffers from a mild case of amnesia. Seeing a news bulletin on his hospital TV about the conference, Martin quickly remembers Elizabeth and their hotel and discharges himself to find his wife, apologize for his unexplained absence and resume life as normal. Upon arrival however, not all is as it seems. Another man has assumed the identity of Dr Martin Harris (Aidan Quinn), His wife Elizabeth claims not to know him and no-one is willing to believe his story. Stepping away from the situation to avoid jail, Martin in his suitably bewildered state reaches out looking for any kind of answers. Piecing together what he remembers of his old conference schedule, Martin tries to intercept friends and international colleges to prove who exactly he is. However his desperate rantings fall on deaf ears as he only continues to make appearances in the new Martin Harris's life and prove him a more viable option. As the carefully bound conspiratorial web of deceit gets stronger and less likely to unravel, Martin seeks help from a former Stasi agent Ernst Jrgen (Bruno Ganz). Out of friend options and with no where to stay, Martin also looks for his taxi driver savior, a young illegal Bosnian immigrant Gina (Diane Kruger). His continuing digging doesn't go unnoticed and soon Martin along with an unwilling Gina are thrown headlong into the underbelly of Berlin's underworld with deadly strangers persistently on their tail. But the question remains, why him?It may be the inner conspiracy theoretic coming out, but there are several obvious possibilities that spring to mind whilst watching. It was all a dream. He has been brainwashed. It's all a mistake in identity. He only imagined he's Martin Harris. Surely there is some form of logic buried inside the concept?Sadly, there isn't. Squandering its acting pedigree on a preposterous plot and ludicrously obvious script filmmakers have attempt to cheat in this jagged movie that is far less satisfying than its elements suggest. With a highly predictable conclusion that you not only see coming but could add layers too yourself, this movie although trying to be intelligent lacks follow through. A far cry from 2003 psychologically intriguing French novel by Didier Van Cauwelaert of which it's based.As mentioned, the acting is all we have to hold. A silkily insinuating conversation between Bruno Ganz and Frank Langella (as Martin's Colleague) set inside a dingy office, viewers are finally privy to a true moment of acting banter without guns, fast moving vehicles or overt taglines.The Verdict: Sitting in the familiar B-movie comfort zone the absurd necessity for underlying reality speeches clearly highlights the over postulated concept of an innocent man trapped in a conspiracy he doesn't understand.Published : The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication : 25/02/2011

Johnny R (kr) wrote: A fun entertaining movie!! It was funny at times!! Christopher Walken easily gave the best performance!!

Kevin R (au) wrote: An agent is only as good as his gadgets.The Cortez siblings disobey an order and go to an island where a mad scientist has created strange mutants that roam the island. One of their school competitors is also loose on the island. The Cortez siblings head out to the island to help their classmates. The survival tactics by the groups becomes a competition. "We will get our grandchildren back."Robert Rodriguez, director of Desperado, Machete, Spy Kids 1-4, Planet Terror, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Machete Kills, Sin City 1 & 2, and The Faculty, delivers Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams. I think a lot of the special effects and aspects of the story were super cheesy. The acting was average and the cast includes Antonio Banderas, Steve Buscemi, Danny Trejo, Mike Judge, Cheech Marin, and Carla Gugino. "A good agent controls his temper."Spy Kids is a series I was reluctant to see but decided to give it a shot with my child. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one and had high hopes for this sequel. This was dreadful. There was too much whacky and cheesy CGI scenes. I thought the story was flimsy and preferred the 007 style feel the first film had. I recommend skipping this bummer. "Family is sacrifice."Grade: F

Philip V (ca) wrote: Weird movie but very different and a creative story once again kind of odd seeing van damme beat himself. LoL

Adam A (it) wrote: Julia Roberts exceptionally better acting to her counterparts may have you cringe in your seat, but when her husband show up with the stare competition, you can't just ignore the laughs that come with it. "Sleeping With The Enemy" is a very silly atempt of telling an otherwise serious and grim story.

Janice O (gb) wrote: The 'ghost' actress was great - you sort of just stare at her face the whole time. But I felt like I missed most of the action due to horrendous subtitles. What is a 'macho fire'....?