All Nudity Shall Be Punished

All Nudity Shall Be Punished

A rich, spoiled young man encounters a prostitute, and gets confused about the nature of his feelings for her; he can't decide between attraction, and repulsion.

Rich, spoiled youngman encounters a prostitute, and gets confused about the nature of his feelings for her; he can't decide between attraction, and repulsion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael A (de) wrote: Just because Bin Laden is dead doesn't mean the problem will go away...This is a very thought provoking funny doc..and even though Morgan doesn't find what he is looking for he still brings up several good points.

Elise M (jp) wrote: Very powerful documentary showing the horrors of the Nanking Massacre. The interviews with the Chinese survivors and Japanese soldiers were very disturbing in their own ways, and although I felt the journal entries being read by the actors a bit distracting, they spoke for those who didn't make it and gave great insight into the events.

Cutter G (es) wrote: This is a fantastic family film you can enjoy without: Needing a family with you or being Jewish.The story revolves a young man's bar mitzvah and the strained relationship between his high-powered agent dad (Jeremy Piven) and his estranged grandfather (Garry Marshall.) Piven isn't A. Gross here. The only comparisons are the job title. It's fun. Good stuff.

joao b (de) wrote: Mesmo no tendo a influencia do clssico,War of the Worlds uma transio perfeita do livro do H.G. Wells e com o carisma de Tom Cruise e Dakota Fanning,

Adam S (ca) wrote: A brilliant Hong Kong crime thriller (later remade by Hollywood into the Oscar-winning "The Departed"), "Infernal Affairs" follows two men - a policeman going undercover as a member of the Triad, and a criminal going undercover as a high-ranking police officer.What ensues is a classic game of cat-and-mouse, as each informer is tasked by their superiors with finding the informer, and intrigue then kicks in.It covers a lot of ground, and is one of the most compelling crime thriller out there. While it differs in some aspects to "The Departed", it is still the equal of the Scorsese classic, and a worthwhile film to have in any collection.

Anna N (ag) wrote: Not interested. I usually avoid horror movies.

Dan H (ca) wrote: What happens when you mix together Vertigo, Rear Window, and add a healthy dose of noir and sleaze to the mix? You get Body Double. The acting from Craig Wasson and Greg Henry is great (Guy Boyd is also great as a detective who looks and acts like he's stepped right out of the 60's), and the story is a nice maze of twists turns, mystery, and intrigue. In Body Double, Jake Scully is an actor suffering from severe claustrophobia. When he catches his wife cheating he is invited to shack up at a fancy apartment that overlooks Hollywood by friendly stranger Sam Bouchard. It's not long before sexy neighbor Gloria catches Jake's eye with her nightly undressing routine. When Jake starts to suspect that Gloria may be the target of a mysterious stranger with nefarious intentions he investigates, hoping to prevent the worst. That's the basic plot, and I'm not going to give much else away. Brian De Palma pays homage to two of Hitchcock's greatest, without completely re-making either film. Body Doubles exists in a strange universe where the worlds of vertigo and Rear Window combine with a pulpy detective novel. It's a fun, original, and naughty film that I highly enjoyed watching and would gladly recommend to any fan of Hitchcock, pulpy novels, or film in general. Body Doubles is a great surprise treat.

Mark F (ag) wrote: Spent most of the time thinking, "what on earth am I watching?" It's so unexpected at every stage. Funny, creative, action packed, witty, full of great characters. This is the perfect superhero movie.

Phil H (de) wrote: Now this is your complete John Carpenter experience right here, the perfect type of film for his crazy ass imagination. Everything Carpenter made prior to this has elements all rolled in resulting in classic Carpenter horror mixed with body shock mutations.The plot is creepy as it is surreal. Sam Neill is hired to find a missing horror writer in a small sleepy leafy US town, boy does Carpenter love small US towns. He must find Sutter Cane and retrieve his final novel for publishing. Sounds simple eh? well think again.When I first saw this film it creeped me out a lot, these days it doesn't have the same kind of punch but its still solid. Carpenter goes into overdrive here with lots of trademark icky effects and monsters, most of which look like ideas from 'The Thing'. As usual effects are created with models and puppets which do now look a bit hokey but plenty of makeup and prosthetics and good use of suggestion.The whole film is extremely surreal and plays out like a nightmare, in fact the whole point is you don't know if it is a nightmare or reality. Pretty much anything goes really as Sam Neill goes nuts trying to get out of Hobb's End and destroy the final evil horror manuscript. This surrealist approach does work and offers up plenty of weirdness which does equal some nice eerie moments, the ghostly boy cycling along the dark deserted highway at night being a good one.The start of the film is definitely better than the second half and ending. The film is much more creepy as Neill and his female sidekick leave for and arrive at Hobb's End. After Neill gets what he needs and we return to reality the film slightly loses its mysterious spooky essence, the final sequence is an interesting twist to make you think.Basically a descent into madness for Neill's character, but we're not even sure if he is a real person or not, could it all be part of the horror novel itself?. Its left to your own thoughts really which is cool but annoying also, I like to know what happens period.If your a Carpenter fan then this will appeal with tentacled monster puppetry, creepy kids running about, satanic references and all set within a Michael Myers type American pie town. Just don't expect too many final answers regarding characters and plot.