All of Us, Efendi

All of Us, Efendi


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All of Us, Efendi torrent reviews

Arunagirinathan P (ag) wrote: Raavanan is a fantastic movie

Matt B (ru) wrote: Flightplan gets a little too silly, but director Robert Schwentke crafts it ingeniously. You really don't know who to trust throughout the film. Are the flight attendants in on it? Is the captain bad? The air marshal? Schwentke makes these subtle moments where the characters grin or stare ambiguously at others. It's very well-done, despite the far-fetchedness of the story.

Sally S (ru) wrote: i took karate classes bc of this movie... that didnt last long :P

Ken T (us) wrote: This one was a very strange movie...And they did it in a Station Wagon"

Calib M (mx) wrote: I'll say something i'd never think i would say as criticism for a kids movie: Hayao Miyazaki 'My Neighbor Totoro' is too cute, too cuddly, too friendly, too heartwarming , too affectionate, for me to enjoy fully. I did think it was a good and entertaining film, but up until the last 20 minutes (when the story finally gets some engaging, emotional gravitas) it was almost nauseating how cutesy this film was. The story is simple, the characters are simple, and frankly every scene without Totoro, or any other fun and creative fantasy creature, is just a plain, but sentimental depiction of childhood.I give it 4 stars simply because i love the animating style of Miyazaki and that style shines as always in this movie too, every scene with a fantasy creature in it is highly creative and fun (With the busstop scene being the pinnacle of this movie for me), and it's entertaining. I know being too cute and sentimental is a strange criticism, but that really is my only complaint of this film.

Chris S (ca) wrote: Whoa what an ending! Bleak!