All's Well, Ends Well

All's Well, Ends Well

A romantic Chinese New Year comedy about the three Shang brothers. Eldest brother Shang Moon is a philandering businessman who treats his hideous yet hard-working wife like dirt. Middle brother Shang Foon is a disc jockey/playboy who tries to score with as many girls as possible. Youngest brother Shang So is an obviously gay dance instructor. Moon soon gets the tables turned on him as his wife leaves to become a glamorous karaoke hostess, and Foon gets into a bizarre relationship with a fan so obsessed with movies that she constantly acts out characters on dates, until he suddenly becomes temporarily mentally ill. And So is continually at odds with obvious butch lesbian family cousin. Hilarity ensues.

A romantic Chinese New Year comedy about the three Shang brothers. Eldest brother Shang Moon is a philandering businessman who treats his hideous yet hard-working wife like dirt. Middle ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claude H (mx) wrote: Critics didn't like it but we did!

Aleks C (mx) wrote: Love these type of films. Captures my attention from beginning to end.

Champ S (gb) wrote: First one piece movie. Great side story

Malcolm L (mx) wrote: One of the best comedy romance film! The filming was great and the actors did a wonderful job!

Matt K (kr) wrote: Good music, very good cinematography, and a good array of speakers, talking about the dumbing down, (I mean "democratization") of art through easily accessible digital media. What the movie fails to mention is that despite all the "grey muck" of mediocre to poor art out there, digital media and distribution (like Youtube) will make it easier for disadvantaged great artists to find a voice. The cream rises to the top.

Bernd P (gb) wrote: Just plain fun, quit the nagging, matrix meets reality and some extra payback

Adrian M (ca) wrote: Stallone rounds up (and rounds out) a cast of retirees from the old-folks home and then explosions happen. Lots & lots of over the top explosions. Some of the acting feels as though it is delivered in the tone of "you should just be happy you're getting to see me on the screen again" - well I'm not.

Ian W (it) wrote: An interesting indie documentary about one girl and her life in the sex industry in Bangkok. You can expect the usual suspects in this film and whilst it is rather short it does bring up some good points and really makes you think.It does look amateur at times but it is still engrossing and the tragic ending is something I was never expecting.

Jae L (fr) wrote: wasn't what i thought it'd be, but it's still watchable.

Chey Y (ru) wrote: Great direction, good acting, gritty and violent, but the plot is formulaic.

Chloe W (ca) wrote: Great film! Been meaning to watch this for ages and glad I finally got around to watching it. Excellent performance by Kristin Scott Thomas who plays the bored wife of a doctor who risks everything for an affair with a builder who comes to work at their home. Bleak and harsh and not much actually happens until the final part of the film but somehow the French make good films and it worked. I always wonder if it was in English whether it would have worked as well. Hmmm...

Manch F (gb) wrote: A fine introduction to the Ghost in the Shell franchise with some interesting world building and philosophy. Also features incredible animation, music, and imagery. However it doesn't feel like it tells a complete story from the way it ends and almost like there was supposed to be more to it but they ran out of time.

Kenneth D (de) wrote: Putting aside all the nit picks... I enjoyed this movie, and it gave me a few good chills.

John W (us) wrote: Natural reaction at the end is WTF?!, but almost worth it for the relentless double entendres

Private U (br) wrote: a classic amongst suspenseful psychological thriller

Dave R (jp) wrote: a poorly cast film with a pretty obvious plot. not really funny (it's supposed to be a comedy...) not compelling. the one thing that's interesting about it is the presentation of the mob as being suburban, which seemed to me to very similar to "the sopranos" setting- most mob movies are set in the city. the depiction of the wives also seemed similar.