All's Well, Ends Well 1997

All's Well, Ends Well 1997

Lo King, a dependent playboy, fakes his own mental illness in attempts to inherit the fortune of his two older brothers, Lo Leung and Lo Fei, who are plagued with their own troubles. Leung ...

Lo King, a dependent playboy, fakes his own mental illness in attempts to inherit the fortune of his two older brothers, Lo Leung and Lo Fei, who are plagued with their own troubles. Leung ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


All's Well, Ends Well 1997 torrent reviews

Ethan H (ru) wrote: For a B class movie, I was pretty impressed. Fair enough the acting wasn't too great but the writing and suspenseful directing more than made up for it, leading to a great ending.

Jonathan K (it) wrote: Mary Elizabeth Winstead is spectacular in her role. One of the best performances in an understated and succinct screenplay I've seen. The story feels true to life but it's the actors who have made it sincere.

Elaina M (us) wrote: I will always overrate a documentary, but I found Project Nim disappointing. I'm unsure of its purpose rather than to make the viewer feel sad for chimp. Disney's Tarzan did that.

Alexandre B (mx) wrote: "Although "This Must Be the Place" holds our attention, it's a little difficult to say where it's headed."

Erin b (gb) wrote: just loved the dogs funny

Chris B (gb) wrote: good comedy, Chevy and Jack work well together.

Wesley W (ag) wrote: A movie that was recommended to me by a family member and a movie I thought was gonna be good, but instead it was a preachy, self-pretentious, depressing mess in my opinion. First I will start off with the positives because most of the review will be me trashing the film after I name it's positives. Adrian Brody did give a great performance in the film and I kept wishing throughout it that the film was as good as he was in it. A few more are that James Caan cracked me up in a weird hilarious scene and the young prostitute who hung out with Adrian Brody's character did do good at showing emotions when things got tough with her. Now on with the negatives because there are a ton. First off, the movie has way too many plot lines going on and it has way too many characters including some who are only in a few scenes like Bryan Cranston's, Blythe Danner's, and James Caan's. The movie completely wastes the talents of these fine actors and they did not contribute one memorable thing out of this whole movie. The plot lines could have worked but there was never a clear focus on anything going on and you don't end up caring about anything yu see on screen. First the movie tries to establish a relationship going on between Adrian Brody and the young prostitute, then it tries to show this horrible society that goes on around the school, then it shows these random scenes of teachers gathering around for meetings, also it shows Adrian Brody visiting his father in the hospital, and then lastly, it tries to establish this bond between Adrian Brody and the class he teaches while also trying to be really thought provoking and preachy with it's depressing messages, and it was all very mind boggling and messy for me and I can't imagine any normal person being able to soak all that in on one single viewing because I certainly didn't and I most certainly won't be revisiting this film anymore whatsoever in my lifetime, just because of how pretentious and depressing it got as it went on. I really did want to like this movie and for a little bit I was giving it the benefit of a doubt, but an hour in, I just stopped caring about the whole movie and was just waiting for it to end. If the movie would have been just about Adrian Brody and the relationship with his class and cut out all the pretentious preachy crap and the multiple unmemorable plot lines, the movie wouldn't have been so daunting to sit through and it would have been more effective. Considering that this film comes from the director who had brought us the great effective drama American History X, I expected a hell of a lot more. Overall, I really don't want to talk about this movie anymore because I get upset thinking about it and this movie is just a clear example of wasted potential.

Michael M (it) wrote: Essentially a dark comedy about the fine line between children and adults.

Mitch T (de) wrote: I had originally rated this 4 and a half stars, but the more and more I thought about it, the more pointless of a documentary it seemed to be. Though it is entertaining and I never got bored while I watched it, it just seems like a cheap student film.