All She Wants for Christmas

A young accountant tries to save a toy factory where she works from being closed down, while also pursuing a romance with the mysterious new factory worker who comes to her small town.

A young accountant tries to save a toy factory where she works from being closed down, while also pursuing a romance with the mysterious new factory worker who comes to her small town

All She Wants for Christmas is a funny movie of Michael A. Simpson, Rick Bitzelberger, Gilles Thompson (french adaptation). The released year of this movie is 2006. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example João Bennio, Ana Maria Magalhães, Hugo Brockes, Dinorah Brillanti, Maria Pompeu, Washington Rodrigues, Márcia Helena, William Guimarães, Sandra Corado, Antonio Segatti, Arnalda, Cacique Atau, Luiz, Mauro, Terezinha, Monica Keena, Tobias Mehler, Steve Bacic, Ali Liebert, Sonya Salomaa, Denise Galik, Nelson Wong, Terry David Mulligan, John Dadey, Morgan Brayton, Marsha Regis, Alexis Ioannidis, Duane Patterson, Caine Wendt, Sean Kohnke. The kind of movie are Drama, Romance. This movie was rated by 5 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movies torrent. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Annie L (au)

. . C'est mauvais, ou bien je n'ai pas compris. Je cherche encore l'intrigue principale! Trop de nudit, trop de vulgarit pour rien. . . C'est le genre de film qu'il n'aurait pas t ncessaire de voir dans ma vie

Brett B (de)

There are many worse examples of the slasher boom of the '80s, but there are also many better ones, too. Perhaps the most baffling element of the movie is the presence of the great Hal Holbrook, whose appearances are incredibly jarring - and so obviously disconnected from the rest of the movie, because he rarely shares a shot with any other actors - because he, frankly, classes up the place too much. It's a rather poorly paced affair, with a first act that takes way too long to get things rolling, and which sets up a ton of threads and angles they are never paid off (and which go beyond just red herring stuff). In the lead, Julia Montgomery is legitimately good, and is allowed to play something approaching an actual human being, but the movie bizarrely sidelines her for the bulk of the midsection, choosing to spend far too much time instead with characters we barely know. save for a few halfhearted stabs at some genuine character work (most of which falls flat). . . Totally hokey, early 1980s slasher schlock, with nothing to really distinguish it from the rest of the glut of deranged killer movies from that era

Camden N (mx)

If you do watch it, just rent it or something. You'll thank me later. Another one of those movies I'd advise you to avoid. I haven't seen the other Ghosthouse movies but I'm sure they couldn't possibly be this bad. As I've said before, this film actually made me feel a little dumber after I finished watching it, but I may have been dumb already for actually spending money on it. It's not as bad as Manos, Hands of Fate, but it's almost as dull. This film is beyond awful, and not even the Hoff can save it

Eric H (it)

Spike lee's realization is razor sharp. Taut direction makes this splendid caper a crackerjack entertainment. Memorable score by Terence Blanchard,he is Spike Lee's habitual films. Magnificent cinematography by Matthew Libatique. Crisp acting by Denzel Washington who plays a policeman making a first rate interpretation. The casting is absolutely perfect tough Clive Owen is mostly hidden into a hood. Great producer Brian Grazer assembled a highly talented international cast(Denzel,Owen,Jodie Foster,Christopher Plummer). It's a good production values with several stars and a clever twist ending. This movie is a crowd-pleasing blend of intrigue,tense,action packed and fast movement . Film packs maximum tension,emotion,thriller and surprise from the subsequents attempts by the policemen to enter in the bank. Clive Owen as the mastermind,executes an intelligent scheme is both exciting and thrilling although with a twisted finale. Psychosis and paranoia abound between the prisoners from all sides and they can see no way out and someone making desperate tryings to flee. The robbers have sworn kill if they attack. A Police Inspector(Denzel Washington)must save at whatever cost the hostages bank what's suddenly under siege and itself surrounded of heavily super-armed polices . A carefully and neatly perfect crime about a bank robbery goes awry when a band (leader of the gang is Clive Owen)abducts and takes hostages to people of building interior

Jennifer M (mx)

w, does that make sense?. . . very

jwasu r (es)

's finest roles. One of Edward G

KJ P (mx)

ediocre at best!. Overall, "A Merry Friggin' Christmas" has it's moments, but is ultimately a dull, poorly lit Christmas film. If you like Joel McHale and Robin Williams, you may like them in this, because they do give it their all, but there is just not enough for them to work with. I felt myself cringing and enjoying it all at the same time. This film could have been fun as a kids story, but the adult humour mixed with the childish dialogue felt really odd. After being invited to his dad's house for the holidays, he realizes he left his sons gifts at home and the film is pretty much just a road trip to make sure his son still believes in Santa. It is a pretty cliched premise, but for watching with your family around Christmas time, you can still sit back and laugh. With a paper-thin plot and an incredible cast that is given next to nothing to do, this film does get pretty tired, however, at a mere 87 minutes, you are still able to enjoy it's harmless story

Kyle M (au)

Superb writing, direction, acting. Masterful and has a very real sense to it. 5-5. 4

Nikki P (nl)

The director probably shouldn't be making movies at all

Peter L (au)

5/5 stars; Grade: C-; Gesture: One Thumb Down; Status: Kinda Bad (Rotten); Emoticon: :-(. My Rating: 1