All That Jack's

All That Jack's

The staff of elementary school prepare the retirement party for their cleaning woman. The complicated relations within the school will emerge to the surface on the same night.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:Serbo-Croatian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jealousy,   party,   education,  

The staff of elementary school prepare the retirement party for their cleaning woman. The complicated relations within the school will emerge to the surface on the same night. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seanser S (gb) wrote: Excellent documentary following three teenage boys and their families living a life of poverty in a small USA town.

Richard D (ca) wrote: Pretty decent, but too much motion sickness-inducing camera work and endless dramatic pauses.

Robert B (jp) wrote: subUrbia (Richard Linklater, 1996)I should start off by saying I am not a Richard Linklater fan in any way, shape, or form. (In fact, sticking him in a gibbet and allowing the crowd to pelt him with various lethal instruments for being the man who inspired Kevin Smith to direct would not be out of bounds.) When I found subUrbia on Netflix Instant, I added it to my queue without checking details, assuming it was the 1983 Penelope Spheeris movie of the same name. When I discovered upon further investigation that it was Linklater, I almost dumped it. But it contains two of my favorite nineties actors, Giovanni Ribisi and Nicky Katt, so I decided to give it a go anyway. Silly me.Based on a play by Eric Bogosian, subUrbia tells the non-story of a group of twentysomethings-one cannot by any reasonable stratch of the imagination call them "friends"-who spend much of their time hanging out beside a generic quickie-mart run, of course, by an Indian immigrant (Requiem for a Dream's Ajay Naidu). There is some hope that things may get interesting for these worthless drunks when Pony (Spider-Man's Jayce Bartok), a classmate of theirs who's now the frontman for an arena-rock band, comes back to town for a night and decides to spend it hanging out with them. While the story does have an arc, in that the lives of some of the characters do change during the narrative, here's a spoiler for you: it never does get interesting.What is interesting: almost every positive review I have seen for this pointless, worthless waste of celluloid talks about how "truthful" it is, how "real" it is, how "close to [my] experience" it is. As someone who spent my twenties drunk, let me state, for the record, that this movie is not any of those things in any sort of universal sense. If I'd had this pathetic a life in my twenties, I'm not sure I'd have ever made it to thirty. There is no sense of hope for these characters, even those who got out previously, or who get the chance to get out in the course of the film. There is no joy whatsoever to be had here. This is the kind of stuff Saratre would have written had he been suicidally depressed, perhaps, except that Sartre had a finely-tuned sense of desperation, whereas Bogosian's script (to which, I must say, Linklater's directorial "skills" are almost uniquely suited; there's not a shred of evidence that Linklater thinks about the composition of a single shot in this film) has desperation that looks more like a couple of tomatoes that were splattered against a wall by an overly-aggressive nine-year-old trying to work out his personal issues.Relentlessly, pointlessly, utterly dull, with hateful characters. Worthless. 1/2

Shawn R (kr) wrote: It is a decent movie from My childhood days and great for nostalgia. Who could deny Al Pachino? Nothing mind provoking though and easily skipped in the pursuit of higher culture.

Bentley B (mx) wrote: "That's strange, Jim. I never even thought of failing."But the truth in Clark Gable's eyes is that he does think of failing in his haunted quest to take out the Japanese warship that sunk his previous sub. And he has to face a hard truth near the end of that quest. Near the end of his career Gable gave us a look at flawed, weathered heroes -- Rhett Butler in his sunset years -- similar to what Eastwood has showed us near the end of his career. "Run Silent, Run Deep" is not just the sub movie that set the pattern that so many other sub movies followed, but it is the movie that shows Gable literally passing the torch to a new generation of great actors: Burt Lancaster, Jack Warden, Don Rickles. The first time I watched this movie I was disappointed that it strayed so far from the excellent novel. But when I found this on TV in a hotel room last weekend, the movie stood well on its own. There are glitches -- the movie shows an African-American on the crew, but the subs weren't integrated at this time -- but it's still a great sea yarn carried forward by great acting.A modern viewer will also notice how good the special effects are. The model ships in the surface battles always look a little goofy -- the water around them just doesn't behave the way it would on a real-life scale -- but this movie is quite watchable even today.Probably due to the director, Robert Wise, who also directed "West Side Story," "The Sound of Music," the great war movie "The Sand Pebbles," and my favorite 70's disaster movie, "THE HINDENBERG"!! He knew what he was doing.

Ronald E (fr) wrote: Due to its cast, it may attract an unusually wide audience. Women may see it for Barbara Stanwyck and men may see it due to John Wayne.

Jennifer S (br) wrote: not my favorite role to see Williams play, but he does do a phenomenal job!

Samuel M (br) wrote: War Game es totalmente hija de su tiempo en cuanto a la veracidad de cmo es tratada su trama: eso hacking imposibles, esas inteligencias artificiales surrealistas, esos jvenes tan superdotados que parecen hroes de accin...y sin embargo consigue crear una trama coherente que sabe alimentarse de las preocupaciones sociales del momento (la facilidad con la que se poda empezar una nueva guerra destructiva, el lado negativo de confiar aspecto humanos a la tecnologa, etc..). Y lo mejor de todo es que sabe resolver la trama de forma inteligente y siendo consciente del tema que trata.Por lo dems no es una pelcula que destaque por su realizacin o interpretacin, que son simplemente correctas.