All the Best!

All the Best!

Today is Prague cabdriver Jarda's (Jan Dolanský) birthday and he plans to enjoy it. Everything's organized, everything's under control - just like his life thus far. He gets along with ...

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Kyle A (jp) wrote: "In Our Nature" a well crafted little indie flick, but a little derivative at times. I respected the slow pace and realist dialogue-driven conflicts. "In Our Nature" is very much a film about what we do and don't say, and how those actions and non-actions are interpreted by those around us. The film looks at human need and interaction in a sometimes obvious way, but the performances back up the film's themes well.

Paula L (de) wrote: As the name says it's a drama about a man who spends a year in morring.. Josh Lucas performance is outstanding.

Scott B (ag) wrote: Cute what if indie, as in what if John Lennon was still alive and living in rural Canada.

Jack S (nl) wrote: Kind of a cool concept ruined by poor performances.

Corey n (mx) wrote: This film had potential. It has some good action and fight scenes. The story is decent but overall the direction and some of the acting are not that great. The director made it seem like a very low budget film at times. Also they seemed to make the story go to fast. Plus the ending could have been better. Van Damme was very good in his role. But even he could not save the entire film. He has made better films.

Terry B (it) wrote: Set in France but don't let that spoil it for you, it's a damn good film with a lovely story

Tom W (us) wrote: From start to finish, this is one of the more solid thrillers I've seen in a good while...its well written, well paced, well acted...overall, there really isn't very much to say is wrong...I suppose my only qualms with it is that it wraps up rather neatly and that it doesn't really require very much thought or effort to watch outside of the subtitles (its a French production)...overall, its a great way to spend 84 minutes

Douglas W (es) wrote: He is out of his mind....but that's fine by me. Plus, Morris Day again....

The B (br) wrote: *grabs crotch*Burn this!

Jack H (us) wrote: title sound amazing XD

Marcus E (it) wrote: Part 2 is definitely better. This one just sets the stage.

Dan H (jp) wrote: Good band. Good music. Bad Movies.

Phillip D (fr) wrote: You must be aware of what you are getting yourself into here. The Man With The Iron Fists blends Tarantino's gore obsession with a dedication to the traditional and showy martial arts films of the last century. The result is relatively fun and low stakes, even if RZA has no business acting and Russell Crowe is criminally underused. The Man With The Iron Fists is traditional martial arts action from start to finish.

Giorgio P (au) wrote: Masterful on every level, an idea that could have been ruined if in the wrong hands

Catherine N (fr) wrote: The description: "A repressed Army Major contends with his wife''s nymphomania and her affair with the next door neighbor, while he begins to find himself attracted to an enigmatic young soldier."He's repressed? She's a nymphomaniac? He's gay. The description aside - John Huston's golden toned film about two army couples' failing marriages seems more taudry and over the top melodramatic than well plotted. I'll take Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Street Car Named Desire for my sutlry Southern dramas, please.

Chuck S (us) wrote: Could not watch it. Terrible. Why make a movie about iPhones?

Nikolas G (jp) wrote: Atom Egoyan have some better films