All the Love You Cannes!

All the Love You Cannes!

Known for what must be the cheapest and cheesiest of the indie film world, Troma films takes on Cannes with gallons of fake blood, the Tronettes, and numerous hijinks by an uncontrollable group of volunteer Troma fans, costumed, naked, and did I mention covered with blood? While any publicity is good publicity, the low budget Troma films must wonder what this will do to their reputation. And I think they're thinking, woohoo!

Troma, an off the wall film studio, journeys to the Cannes Film Festival to sell their films to potential distributors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rick F (ca) wrote: For some reason a lot of people are bashing this film. It really is not that bad. Most horror movies we get now a days are the same old crap. This one felt different. I really enjoyed it. It does start off pretty slow, and the acting isn't the greatest, but I stayed interested. It still had a fair share of creepy moments. I loved the score (done by Nicholas O'Toole & Slash) and also the cinematography. I'd say it's definitely worth a watch.

Jp D (nl) wrote: Great Australian movie !

L00kiNRiT3CuT3 4 D3MHaT3ER (ru) wrote: this is the movie but yet its sad a bit:(

Mangala B (it) wrote: my favourite film, manoj vajpeies acting ,i like so much.

Greg F (au) wrote: Words like cultist, gun runners, drug dealer and child molester are all applied to Koresh and the Branch Davidians. This documentary explores all of the above and the arguments it puts forward are interesting to say the least. The thing that is so remarkable about the events at Waco is how little they are discussed and disected by the media.

Andrew P (ca) wrote: I don't even know what to say...

Andrew L (us) wrote: Not as bad as some make out, but not quite all that it could have been.

Calum B (ru) wrote: Tis is the story of famous gangster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel and beginnings of Las Vegas, Nevada. That part begins about halfway through the 135-minute film when Siegel (Warren Beatty) gets his "vision" about Las Vegas.Too much of this movie is just profane arguing between the nasty "Virginia Hill" (Annette Bening) and Siegel. If this was accurate, why he put up with that woman's constant berating is mind-boggling. I liked the rest of the cast except for Joe Mantegna, who made a very poor George Raft. Harvey Keitel as L.A. mobster Mickey Cohen is good as is Ben Kingsley, as Meyer Lansky, head of the East Coast mob.There are tons of f-words in here, which I question. I doubt if that word was used that frequently back in those days. Usually I don't care but it's way overdone here.It's a nice-looking film but unfortunately the DVD transfer is weak. The colors in here are great and certainly deserve to look better on disc. Another major flaw is they make the two lead characters look like sympathetic figures in the end, which is just plain wrong. The only thing Siegel had going for him was foresight concerning Las Vegas. In the end, he and Hill reaped what they sowed anyway, if the story is true. Despite the objections I have with it, it's still an interesting biography, I'll say that. I never got bored with this movie.

Kara H (ru) wrote: I didn't care for this, but the animals were cute and made it worth what I did watch.

Marc M (ru) wrote: Weekend warrior. Best Bathroom fight scene ever.

Chris M (ag) wrote: References and pictures.