All the Right Noises

All the Right Noises

A married man with two small children begins an affair with a beautiful young actress which quickly blossoms into a full blown romance, until she tells him that she is only 15 years old…

A married man with two small children has an affair with a young teenage girl . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gimly M (fr) wrote: Whatever cheesy value the first Tekken film had is lost in this completely unrelated prequel, which seems like it was made purely to retain the licensing rights. Blegh. Some of the martial arts fights are acceptable, but there is nothing that can save this directionless pile.

Walter M (fr) wrote: "The Ledge" begins with Detective Hollis Lucetti(Terrence Howard) getting some bad news from his doctor(Geraldine Singer). That being said, he is still having a better day than Gavin(Charlie Hunnam), a hotel assistant manager who is threatening to jump from a building in downtown Baton Rouge. As Gavin tells it, this all started shortly after Harper(Jillian Batherson) announced her plans to have a religious experience with a dildo that night when he hires his neighbor Shana(Liv Tyler). As thanks, her husband Joe(Patrick Wilson) invites Gavin and his gay roommate Chris(Christopher Gorham) for dinner, where thinking they are both gay, prays for them. Ironically enough, he may soon wish Gavin was gay... "The Ledge" gets off to a fine start with a lovely shot of the skyline and the immortal line: "How long have I been infertile?"(oops!) which says so very much. The fact that the rest of the movie drones on incessantly while saying little should give you an idea as to how dull this is, even with the stakes as high as they are. That's not to mention how little of this makes any kind of sense but at least there is a fine use of mass transit in a small city. The lengthy flashbacks sideline the always welcome Terrence Howard for long stretches in favor of the limited talents of Charlie Hunnam. That leaves one feeling sorry for Liv Tyler, caught up in the eternal debate between two intractable sides.(What is it with the South and religion, anyway?) Making Gavin a douche and Joe a volunteer does not come close to making them three dimensional characters. Just remember, as far as hell goes, Louisiana had plenty of experience of that with Hurricane Katrina.

Binku T (ag) wrote: This movie is obviously inspiring despite the failure to reflex the difficult period she had. The director doesn't dwell unnecessarily on the tough childhood within the orphanage, or the years spent as a cabaret act along side her sister.

Dylan B (nl) wrote: Surprisingly straight faced, ultra realistic rags to riches story of an Underground Cage fighter. Not for the girls. Or men of a certain persuasion.

Milton D (es) wrote: Shatteringly emotional.

AW C (br) wrote: An astoundingly enthralling and wondrous film.

Drew G (nl) wrote: The first is great, the second isn't bad..and then there is this mess...possibly the only bad baseball movie

Nina S (us) wrote: Not bad and Dylan Wals was cute when he was young

emme b (de) wrote: Watched this on a recommendation and indeed what a great piece of advice! A wonderfully delivered dark comedy superbly and mock heroically acted throughout.A spoof and elegant satire on life in Wales.perhaps a little impenetrable and sarcasm-colloquial wit laden for viewers on the us side of the pond but great none the less. Humourous-sad-endearing -cathartic in equal measures and certainly one to brighten an evening .

Justin M (jp) wrote: To me, Ronald Reagan will always be The Gipper.

Heather R (gb) wrote: cartoon alright not as good as movie

Benjamin O (jp) wrote: Misogynistic overWords.

Kevin L (it) wrote: I like kate beckinsale