All the Rivers Run 2

All the Rivers Run 2


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All the Rivers Run 2 torrent reviews

Lavenia M (mx) wrote: True Jackie Chan style! I loved it!

Luke J (gb) wrote: Staggeringly inept. Pretty much a foul combination of constant preaching, terrible special effects, and embarrassing acting, C Me Dance is a relentless pain in the rear. Probably to result in a cult classic somewhere (although cult classics are better than this), I just hope it disappears. Quickly.

Coco F (ru) wrote: culte. La comdie belge dans toute sa splendeur !

Emily S (fr) wrote: Is an awesome movie filled with love and laughter. Michael Rosenbaum is a very talented actor, writer, and director. He did a great job with his debut movie as a director. There is an amazing group of very talented actors and actresses in this movie. I loved every second of Back in The Day! I have seen it 8 times since 01/17/2014! Michael put a lot of his heart and passion in to this movie. Everyone should see it and support his amazing talent! I would give it 10 stars if I could!

Bedford C (ru) wrote: A comedy where the bad guys thoroughly win? Yuck. I watched it once and once was enough.

Private U (br) wrote: it was supposed to be scary but as long as youre not afraid of clowns its just funny

Jonathan B (mx) wrote: A "not terrible" outing for Bond. For Your Eyes Only is definitely a product of the era in which it was made. There was a deliberate attempt to ditch the increasingly gimmick fuelled storylines and go for a more straight-forward tale so gone are the submersible cars and the gigantic villain's lairs. In stead we get a plot to sell a secret cipher machine to the Russians. We still get plenty of typical Bond fare with the action switching from ski slope to casino and a fair few car chases thrown in. Roger Moore is, truth be told, looking a little creaky and this does make the scenes where he forms the centre of attention for the usual leggy blonds somewhat embarrassing. He does, however, put in a decent performance and he is ably supported by regulars such as Lois Maxwell and Desmond Llewelyn. They are joined by Topol as a Greek smuggler, Julian Glover as the main villain of the piece while Carole Bouquet takes the role of Melina, a young woman who's family connections lead her into danger. There's even an early onscreen appearance by Charles Dance as a thug and Janet Brown shows up in a cameo as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the closing minutes. I have to confess that the Sheena Easton theme is a recurring favourite of mine, as is the gloriously inappropriate Bill Conti disco soundtrack. Following For Your Eyes Only, the Bond franchise had a few rather dodgy films but this series is generally good fun and provides a bit of escapist entertainment, if only for the nostalgia kick for those of us who grew up in this era.

Cita W (ag) wrote: Sick, stupid, cheap, bad acting, bad effect, some good lines, good ending, corny... it was an okay one, I was expecting more.

I am A (ru) wrote: Didn't like this one as much, didn't really get the witches.

Carrie J (it) wrote: If you must see this - read the trilogy first.

Leena L (au) wrote: I did like a lot the slightly naughty humor in the family where the mother was a quaker "priest" and the father was trying to play along, not resisting a roll in the hay or his teenage daughter getting it on with a neighbors son. The kids and the family pet were ok, but all in all it tried to put me a sleep. A classic nevertheless, glad I did see it! And the mother, despite being a pacifist, did beat up the soldier trying to slaughter the pet goose!

Harpreet S (ca) wrote: Good film, as expected from Federico Fellini. Nice story telling, acting is also good by the whole cast. People should watch it at least once, I would rate it 3.5/5.

Brandon W (au) wrote: Attack The Block is directed and written by Joe Cornish, and it stars Jodie Whittaker, John Boyega, and Nick Frost in science fiction comedy-horror film about a teenager gang that come across an alien creature, so they killed it, and even more creatures come to Earth to kill them, and they are even bigger and more menacing. I remember watching this a few years ago, and loving it a lot, so when Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out and I watched that, I wanted to come back to this movie for the reasoning that John Boyega is in this movie. So after watching Attack the Block, it holds up really well and is a British classic to me. In the beginning, the gang already does something despicable which got me worried that I'm not going to like the characters as they are the main ones, but throughout the film, they were beginning to win me over as I'm starting to enjoy the characters. The way they talk threw me off at the beginning, but it didn't took me away from the film as the dialogue is really good and it honestly sounds proper. The creature design looks really good and creepy looking, and there is a great balance of humor and horror. The action is exciting to watch, and I really cared for the characters to survive. The score by Basement Jaxx and Steven Price is very catchy and always a delight to listen. Attack the Block is a fantastic movie that I'm glad that it has a cult following.

Colin F (kr) wrote: Another Classic Hammer Horror film, not by far the best but very entertaining for probably all the wrong reasons. This film was supposed to be the first in a lineOf Captain Kronos films, but because it did poor at the box office this was the only outing. The script is pretty good and very original which rare for a film from this period, the major let down is the Casting of Kronos himself, Horst Janson??s acting is so poor his performance actually starts to become funny and some of the dialogue is badly written (oh yes I will have you!!!), another flaw to the film which is it really has been done on the cheap, the sets look tacky, the vampire make up is poor (especially when there supposed to be old) even the outdoor setting looks cheap! I know Hammer Horror films where made on the cheap but its rare they actually look cheap, normally they have high standards. There are plenty of positives though, Caroline Munro is very well cast as Carla and the scenes with Ian Hendry in the Tavern are brilliant and funny and the soundtrack is very good. Worth Checking out for a laugh you wont be disappointed.

Kristina K (de) wrote: A very depressing movie. It shows that sometimes (or most of the times in real life) love isn't just enough...

Khaled M (us) wrote: Strange, Charming, terrifying and unpredictable .