All the Way Boys

All the Way Boys

The "Trinity" crew makes another modern era film. Plata and Salud are pilots ditching aircraft for insurance money. They wind up crashing for real in the jungles of South America. The plot involves "Mr. Big", who is buying the diamonds from the miners for much too little, and has thugs who keep the price down. Of course, Plata and Salud side with the miners

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1972
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fight,   treasure,   search,  

The "Trinity" crew makes another modern era film. Plata and Salud are pilots ditching aircraft for insurance money. They wind up crashing for real in the jungles of South America. The plot ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


All the Way Boys torrent reviews

Akshay K (ca) wrote: Its entertainment 100% !!!!!!

Darren R (es) wrote: Could have been thought-provoking, could have been funny... but it really wasn't either.

ShOoOSh F (kr) wrote: nice romantic story of 2 peopel want to have love and find it in each other

Willie W (kr) wrote: As a recovering Farmville addict, I can strongly empathize with the anti-establishmentarianistic and 12 step undertones of this modern rom-dram. Growing up as a punk rocker really drew me to this film. I was expecting some classic Boxcar Racer and Good Charlotte but instead got a hefty dose of crust punkorama under the guise of anti-Obama politico-societal revolt. Better luck next time, Disney.

Emma B (kr) wrote: Dennis is well sweet. He's extremely unknowingly destructive. The film is hilarious.

krysta a (de) wrote: love this movie I always watch over and over again

Tony P (au) wrote: Okay. American Football is a painful sport (both to participate in judging by the body armour and to watch, it goes on forever!) in several aspects. Wildcats is centrally about the sport.Briefly Goldie Hawn stars as a PE teacher who becomes 'football' coach at an inner city ghetto school in Chicago.However tough she doesn't want to be a quitter from the tough gig. Upsetting her ex in the process and endangering custody of her children.Hawn was renowned in the 1980s for starring in 'comedy' films in which she was the centre of attention as a ditzy blonde amongst physical environments.Im thinking Private Benjamin, Overboard....the filmography is painful.The structure of the film has been visited several times before and since. Ljke Rocky. The poor underdog comes good at the end. Very predictable.The film was interesting for seeing the likes of Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes in their film debuts.

Mat H (gb) wrote: I think about you so much, I forget to go to the bathroom!

Private U (jp) wrote: Ha, ha I have to say I like this film. Its terrible, wooden acting, dubious script and bad special effects to but its mildly. But some how I feel the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Maybe this film is exactly what a B movie should be. Trashy cheap and entertaining.

Sean S (es) wrote: Classic romcom about an interior designer (Doris Day) and playboy composer (Rock Hudson) who share a "party line" in New York City and end up with a degree of animosity towards each other over the other's attitudes towards the use of the line. Soon, they meet in real life and Day is unaware of Hudson's identity, while he realises who she is. Legitimately funny with charming non-sequiturs (Hudson accidentally entering an obstetrician's office and asking to see the doctor leads to the receptionist trying to track him down under the impression he is the first pregnant male) and singalong songs in all the right places, Pillow Talk works to great effect.

Muhammad K (br) wrote: This movie is fantastic. George Raft and James Cagney both were amazingly marvelous.

Charlie L (es) wrote: A slow, dull mess of a film which fails spectacularly.

Des S (br) wrote: This was different than I had imagined, but I liked it. The overall atmosphere of the movie was good and I enjoyed the mystery.

Phillip D (fr) wrote: What makes Freaks of Nature so fun isn't its creative premise, game young actors or deadpan humor, but rather how accessible of a story it really is. The whole movie seems down to earth, homemade (in the best way) and like it could happen next door. Instead of cranking up the dirty humor, sexual appeal or action, Freaks of Nature aims to make you identify with the characters as much as possible and it works wonderfully. It might not be the slickest production of 2015 but it certainly is one of the most enjoyable.