All the Wrong Reasons

All the Wrong Reasons

An ensemble film about four everyday people: a store manager, a security guard, a fire fighter and a clerk who struggle in the aftermath of trauma.

An ensemble film about four everyday people: a store manager, a security guard, a fire fighter and a clerk who struggle in the aftermath of trauma. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan C (mx) wrote: Poor didn't like turned off after 10mins

Na D (de) wrote: This movie tells nothing! Poor.

John P (br) wrote: This was an ok movie. Parasite's living inside people. Experiments go wrong. Nothing new in the story but it was watchable. Some nice kills too.

Jessica H (ag) wrote: Duff tries to show that she can act, but she still sounds like the same little blond girl on that kids show.

Vanessa L (nl) wrote: the plot is quite boring towards the end. but i just like the movie becuase of nicholas..

Rachel E (ag) wrote: Some of David Tennant's finest work. Brilliant and heartbreaking...I wish I could find it in the States!

Amber A (it) wrote: Annette Bening is great.

Mark G (jp) wrote: This is a great film!!! I used to see it on TV all the time as a kid. The best stories are the ones with Lance Henriksen and Emilio Estevez.

Stuart A (fr) wrote: Jack Lemmon has a meltdown and treats himself to a Chinese for lunch.Crackin'.

Blake P (mx) wrote: "Viva Maria!" is in no doubt a bizarre movie, but is still one that I enjoyed. Two women named Maria (Bardot and Moreau) accidentally create the sriptease in early 1900's Mexico. They create a sensation, and while traveling to another venue to perform, Maria II falls for a Spanish revolution leader (Hamilton). When he dies, she swears to continue his work. The Maria's end up being quite the leaders, and are treated like saints. This movie was listed as a comedy, but I didn't laugh once. The other genre listed said action/adventure, and thankfully that was right. This film is pretty stupid, but when you're watching a movie, you have to look at other aspects besides art. I was entertained, and that's all that matters. "Viva Maria!" is one of those crowd-pleasing movies, that will never be a classic. But on the other hand, is a great movie to see if you wanna see French bombshells Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau together. No, these are not their greatest performances, but Moreau adds class to this movie, and Bardot adds fun, with all of her shooting skills ... This is a strange movie plot wise, because as the film goes on you realize, "why do they create the striptease?" Soon, it becomes a random scene, and I think the movie could have been better off had they ditched it and just had the Maria's be Spanish Revolution leaders. Oh well. "Viva Maria!" is pretty dumb, but a good time waster.

Chris (kr) wrote: I like Gary Cooper. I like Burt Lancaster. I like Westerns. I like this movie. It's even got Ernest Borgnine and Charles Bronson as bad guys.

Calvin R (au) wrote: The Corpse Bride is a great animation. Tim Burton knows how to make a imaginative visually, emotionally depth, great story, animation. The voice overs were great by all the actresses, and actors, as well.

Tyler S (mx) wrote: Hoop Dreams is a long but super intriguing documentary about two boys from the inner city, and their lives through basketball and other tough life avenues. It is fascinating and really interesting to see what both boys go through. How each of them are different but somewhat connected.At each turn you are interested to see what happens with the boys next, and you find yourself rooting hard for them. That's hard to do with a 3 hour documentary but it is accomplished nicely.I asked myself why I cared about these boys so much...maybe it was due to the fact they were great kids from bad areas. You desperately wanted them to make it and to be with them for their journey was very awesome.

Dodds D (au) wrote: I didn't think this was going to be much; having such low expectations helped because I actually ended up like this movie quite a bit. If you are looking of an award winning movie that you will carry with you the rest of you life this isn't it. This fit a very specific mold - its a coming of age movie about two 17 year old girls on the the verge of starting college. They are looking for love (sex) right before they move on to their next stage in life, but this was so much more than that.The girls in this movie explore what family means. I found the contrast of how each perceived their own vs how they saw each others very interesting. I had those similar feelings as a girl so I could connect on many levels. The photography angle was plus seeing as that it what I do and how I spent my youth. The boy was hot (always a plus), and I thought the girl put on a solid performance. The music was wonderful.Both girls had to learn to handle both their mistakes and other peoples mistakes. Some people might not like the twist of this movie, but I liked it. I know that not every girls has broken girl code when it comes to boys, but I don't know any that haven't had thoughts in that regard. When your young hormones can help assist in bad decision making almost as much as alcohol. I know I have made this mistake with my best friend, thankful we were able to over come it but this movie reminded me of that crazy time of my youth. What I like most is that everything seemed so real, it was a throw back to my youth. It wasn't over dramatized. Unrealistic things didn't happen. Everything just was. Which made it kind of beautiful. The movie hasn't gotten the best review, but I don't care. It isn't for everyone; it's really only for girls that are looking to spend a couple hours remembering what it felt like to come of age.