All Things Fall Apart

All Things Fall Apart

50 Cent stars as gifted college running back Deon in this touching drama. Deon's world turns upside down when an unexpected crisis jeopardizes his professional ambitions -- and causes him to look at himself and his life in a new way.

Deon, a college running back with a fierce combination of blazing speed and stunning power, tries to make it through his senior year of college while battling a deadly disease. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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All Things Fall Apart torrent reviews

Drew G (kr) wrote: I gave it half a star because it made it to DVD. They could have walked into any community theatre and found better actors. I have never done a movie review but this movie compelled me to give a warning. Unless you are a 12 year old girl or enjoy the acting in 70's porn don't waste 1 1/2 hours of your life.

Lee B (es) wrote: Pretty good low budget horror movie..... i enjoyed it thouroughly

ariba h (nl) wrote: this is not so good as well as not so bad!

Grant R (mx) wrote: Childhood favorite, frigen hilarious. Wish there where more larry movies.

Barnaby W (br) wrote: A thick, trashy movie, poorly acted and shakily scripted. This is a cliche fest of rotten movie-making, and the final wave goodbye to any promise of a respected film career for Freddy Prinze JR.

Jack S (ca) wrote: Check out the director's cut, much better flick

Robert H (fr) wrote: A fairly standard, but serviceable, thriller with great performances by Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd, and a pretty good twist to boot. Too bad they give most of the supporting characters short shrift.

Mathyou C (au) wrote: my fav kurosawa film

Art S (ru) wrote: Stunningly photographed in black and white and gothic, so gothic, with its remarkable castle and crypt sets, this is Mario Bava's heralded cult classic. The English-language version I saw was prepared in Italy with relatively terrible dubbing and perhaps containing more cruelty (if that can be imagined) than the edited American International Pictures version that was widely distributed in the U. S. in the 1960s. After we see a witch and her lover (or brother) executed in Moldavia at the start of the film, we flash forward 200 years to find her descendent (and spitting image) Barbara Steele thrust into horror when the witch is accidentally brought back to life. Two travelling doctors get ensnared in the action and the younger man becomes our hero (after falling in love with non-witch Barbara). An orthodox priest translates the text on the ancient icon found in the witch's tomb and voila, the secret to ending the terror is found. The images here are so chilling (and worthwhile) that next time I might just watch this with the sound turned off.

Joshua C (nl) wrote: Dunno why it became so popular in the hip-hop culture though...

John O (ca) wrote: Javier Bardem is scary. That's a very good thing. The way this film can pull you from feeling shock, to sadness is amazing. A very good twist to the usual Bond formula.

Johnny N (kr) wrote: Bill Murray Classic mischief.