All Things to All Men

All Things to All Men

A thief is caught up in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse between a maverick cop and London crime boss.

Because Detective Parker is obsessed by a cruel crime lord, He determines on bringing him to justice. By dint of his desire, he enlists the help of another criminal and forces to play deadly game. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


All Things to All Men torrent reviews

Adrian P (ca) wrote: What an utter waste.

Nicki M (de) wrote: Something really didn't work with this movie. I loved the book, I was really excited to hear there was a movie version. When I heard it starred Sarah Michelle Gellar, even more excited about it - surely she would be the perfect Veronika.Well... maybe not. I really like her as an actress, but this whole movie felt a bit off. I don't even think it is necessarily her fault as an actress... I think it was just adapted badly. I also found Erika Christensen off (and she is another actress I normally like), and I sure as hell didn't buy Jonathan Tucker as the hot guy.I read someone else refer to the "painful" masturbation piano scene, and they had that about right. Horrible.There's a few good moments in it, it's not a total write off, but it is extremely disappointing as the book was excellent and with the cast it had, this had potential to be a lot more than it was.

edgar m (br) wrote: can i see this movie..thanks

Heidi B (mx) wrote: Litt langtekkelig, men det kan vaere fordi jeg leste boka ferdig samme dag som jeg saa filmen. Synes hovedpersonene hele tiden tar irriterende valg. Boka sier mer enn filmen, men er ogsaa enda mer langdryg. :-p

Remi Z (nl) wrote: Quand le gnie de la mise en scne rencontre le jeu d'acteur de "sous le soleil". Malheureusement, les jeux de la femme et la fille de Maloin (le "hros") sont pitoyables, et les autres ne sont pas terribles. Mais pourquoi ? Pourquoi prendre des acteurs hongrois pour jouer en francais ? Heureusement, la mise en scne reste sublime, meme si la lenteur des plans sequences est parfois pesante.Cela reste une grosse deception apres les Harmonies Werckmeister (meilleur film vu depuis 2000).

chris a (ru) wrote: awesome dvd of my fave band

Tyler (gb) wrote: It's good, but it's not the first.

Caleb M (es) wrote: Sex, murder, romance, gambling, tattoos, nuns, Sex and Fury has all this and more, filmed with vibrant style and a sense of fun. While it doesn't have the energetic pace of, say, Lady Snowblood, there are some truly beautiful images here and underneath the exploitation some fun and interesting feminine themes central to Pinky Violence.

Maggie B (au) wrote: I liked this film. There was a sense of foreboding, though it was subtle, from the beginning. I was somewhat disappointed with the end, but the more I think about it, the more I feel the end of the movie was just the beginning of another story

Mitch E (ru) wrote: One of the strangest 50's sci-fi stand-outs. Almost as if a geologist was consulted to come up with "the Monster At Large". A lot of fun because you never see where this one is headed. The banging piano soundtrack becomes a bit annoying. It proves having a large amount of table salt handy is a good idea. Short and sweet.

brent g (de) wrote: I probably should have watched Ugetsu to introduce myself to Mizoguchi, but I won't fuss over seeing this first. Anyway, Street of Shame was Mizoguchi's last film and I remember reading that it was filmed in an actual Japanese whorehouse to get an authentic feel. It certainly succeeds in this. We follow the everyday happenings in a whorehouse in Japan while the government is issuing a ban on prostitution. We see the four main women who work, and each has her own story and reason as to why she does what she does. As mentioned, the film really seems authentic, and Mizoguchi has a lot of depth to his shots when we're looking at the city and the house; a sidenote to mention is to watch for his use of cross-hatching, whether on the walls or on a crate that's facilitating somebody's suicide. This turned out to be a nice little commentary on the pros and cons (mainly pros) of prostitution ("why can't we sell what we own?") and on female hardships in general. Each of the four girls has an interesting background, and their relationship with one another feel realistic, as they all seem to support each other in comaraderie, but not so much where they may lose a paying customer to the other. I really liked this. The story and the setting are both very realized. The most notable flaw for me was the music; at times it presented the film as a sort of cartoonish unknown to the general public, which I can appreciate, but I thought it would be more appropriate to heighten the drama at points with something more somber.

Matt M (nl) wrote: Laurel and Hardy split in two in this comedy where they pretend to be their wealthier relation look alikes. Though the film is not as witty as others and centres on the technique of split screen, it is as entertaining as a solid average work of the legendary comedic duo.

Max M (ca) wrote: Informative. Really opened up my eyes to what I eat. See this movie.

Godwin U (es) wrote: Loved it. Was not interested in a movie for a long time before watching this.

Jason T (de) wrote: It's predictable, poorly acted and directed TV entertainment. It tries to tell an interesting story but everything is so cheesy and stagey it comes off as big bore.