All This, and Heaven Too

All This, and Heaven Too

When lovely and virtuous governess Henriette Deluzy comes to educate the children of the debonair Duc de Praslin, a royal subject to King Louis-Philippe and the husband of the volatile and obsessive Duchesse de Praslin, she instantly incurs the wrath of her mistress, who is insanely jealous of anyone who comes near her estranged husband. Though she saves the duchess's little son from a near-death illness and warms herself to all the children, she is nevertheless dismissed by the vengeful duchess. Meanwhile, the attraction between the duke and Henriette continues to grow, eventually leading to tragedy.

When lovely and virtuous governess Henriette Deluzy comes to educate the children of the debonair Duc de Praslin, a royal subject to King Louis-Philippe and the husband of the volatile and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


All This, and Heaven Too torrent reviews

Michael D (us) wrote: horrible, couldnt even finish it.

Gavin M (br) wrote: A modernish day blaxploitation classic!

Kelly B (br) wrote: this is an ok movie, but nothing to write home to mother about

Robyn M (br) wrote: I disagree with the first reveiw. If you look past the whole dated period, you'd find an orginal film that has some great atribrutes. The movie is roughly sketched over a special effects guy (Bryan Brown) who gets caught in a police/mofia scandal and now puts his lifes in the line of danger. In order to survive he runs under disuiges and manages to pull some odd tricks out of the book. Yes theres some loose ends like a cop (Brian dennehy) who plays by his own book, (what do you think Dirty harry did?) please, somethings are meant to be broken in order to have a great movie- it's fiction so anything applies!!!

Juan C (br) wrote: Not a bad godzilla film, really was enjoyed by this one, but it seemed a bit long, even though it took an hour and ten minutes. I liked seeing mechagodzilla again, he's one of the best villians in the godzilla franchise, and a new monster named titanosaurus, he's a worthy foe, but has an annoying roar that just wants you to find a formula to grow yourself to godzilla size to tell him to shut up. The reason why i was a bit nippicking was that the human conversation can really be an eterninty to listen to and at times they may have something intresting to say, but they are just well written. Just throughout the film i was saying, 'Show some monsters!' Then it finally happened. May seem short, but was simply worth it and is still an awesome fight, not bad, has some flaws, but is still an awesome part of the godzilla series and is a conclusion to the origianl godzilla series. B+

goddess (de) wrote: Can't beat the movie or the sound track

Bloodmarsh K (br) wrote: I'll never understand the disdain towards Kevin Costner, and I'll never understand the praise for Tim Robbins. Both actors are fine here, but it's Costner who carries most of the weight.

Westleigh Q (de) wrote: Somewhere among the Fugitive, James Bond, and Taken lives The Cold Light of Day. For the most part, I as the viewer felt like I was on the run along with the main character, which really goes to show how engrossing the film was. On the other hand, when someone's dad is killed, you kind of expect them to show some emotion. ANY emotion. Seriously, c'mon.

Sean C (ag) wrote: I have seen many a good film, and many a bad, but Kes...Kes is one of those special films. The phrase "I would rather watch paint dry" is thrown around often. But clearly nobody actually means it: just having something moving on a screen is more entertaining than watching a wall with paint dry on it. But in this case, i really, truly, literally would have been more entertained watching a paint covered wall dry out. There wouldn't even necessarily need to be paint on it for god's sake! I really can not express my complete loathing for this film; the way I wince at the thought of re-watching it, or my depression at reflecting on how i missed out on nearly 2 hours of perfectly good paint watching time.The acting coupled with accents (this coming from a british person) is reminiscent of watching a nursery play. Where someones irritating car alarm goes off during. The characters were totally unlikeable. In fact, they bored me near to actual tears, and I could not have cared less if one of the cardboard cut-outs of real people had died in the film. I can not see why this film is so highly rated! There are a few things I hate - such as racists, paedophiles, etc.- and Kes is one of them (though not nearly to the same degree) and it is for this reason that i believe Kes, to be, without a shadow of the doubt, the worst film I and my peers, have ever had the misfortune of watching! What you need before Kes, is to slip in to something more comfortable, like, say, a COMA. Or at least, that's what I got from it. But if your interested, knock yourself out! Literally.