All Tied Up

All Tied Up

Linda's boyfriend Brian loves checking out other women, so her best friends Kim and Sharon convince her that the three of them kidnap him and torture him until he learns his lesson.

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Erin S (it) wrote: enjoyed the relationsip building btwn father and daughter, a good movie for tweens

Mike N (it) wrote: It was ok, with some really good moments.

Rachel M (br) wrote: This movie was okay. It wasn't really anything special. To me it seemed kind of predictable. but yeah.... in other news, i got a haircut and the USA women's basketball team won the gold. australia got silver.

Max A (es) wrote: Scary movies is something that HK cinema has a difficult time with in my opinion. I think because it is so difficult to get people to part with their hard earned dollars, they must provide a little bit of everything in their movies - which is why so many of them are good... they want to make you laugh, cry, and every emotion inbetween... it's a difficult habit to break though and usually when they make genre specific films, they try to insert drama, humor, romance, action and special effects in. This film is no exception - could've been a good film, but it just falls apart and gets too silly. It was also done very cheap - even for HK standards - considering the budget this script asks for. Assuming there was a script... it seemed to flop all over the place like a Simpsons episode. I didn't hate it, but I was disappointed. It'll be awhile before HK takes the crowns from Japan, Korea and Thailand when it comes to horror.

Cade H (mx) wrote: Timeline seemed like it could be a big, epic blockbuster. It had the cast, the cool premise and a good director but it all added up to a boring movie. Things just seemed to drag on and besides the aspect of time travel the story was rather bland overall. They had some big moments with great sets and tons of people along with big battles but it was all so underwhelming. At times it all seemed cheesy and the dialogue was almost like they were making it up on the spot or stumbling through the script. There really was not much in this film to like besides the great cast of actors and 1 or 2 interesting moments.

Nicolas B (it) wrote: "Are you insane?! This is Hitler's car!"Don't know why this movie has such a bad reviews. John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson and Cuba Gooding Jr. are hilarious, perfectly over the top. Certainly no masterpiece but I laughed. A lot.

Patrick L (ru) wrote: The final(?) film in this series, the Los Angeles film starts in Australia with Mick, Sue and little Mick at their home. Sue gets an offer, indeed a plea, to return to the US but to Los Angeles (something new again) to be the replacement for a bureau chief who has died under suspicious circumstance.

Abhishek S (ru) wrote: An ambitious spectacle. A visual delight.

Caroline H (au) wrote: Dont really remember it that well but it was ok a bit boring thought

Christine R (gb) wrote: i found the movie disappointing .. i expected more from it

Shiely W (fr) wrote: One of my fave movies from the 80s. Anita may not be a typical classic beauty but she made it up with her powerful performance.

Owen B (mx) wrote: Incredible fourth wall breaking.

Mary H (gb) wrote: I always seem to relate to Judy Holliday in whatever film she is in. I would totally have a parrot conversation while kissing and fall for the loveable documentary guy who is just a friend. Very cute romantic comedy though..I have a feeling the Paris Hiltons of the world wouldn't turn their back on fame so easily

Donald W (us) wrote: This is one of many cheap westerns John Wayne made during the 1930's. The movie starts out with John Wayne in a store buying a suit of cowboy clothes then picks out a new gun. The storekeeper charges him $200 for the clothes and gun. That was a lot of money in the 1930's. He asks for directions to the Rainbow Valley. When he gets there he meets Gabby Hayes in a Model T Ford. After they part Gabby Hayes is attacked and chased by outlaws. John Wayne rides up from behind and one by one knocks the outlaws off their horses. In this whole movie there is lots of shooting and gunfights but no one gets hit or seriously wounded. No one ever seems to gun out of bullets or has to stop to reload. They also ride their horses very fast and everyone seems to run from one place to another. The plot is that a gang of outlaws are trying to keep a group of miners from building a road to the outside. They hope to force the miners to sellout cheap if they can't move their gold to the outside. John Wayne turns out to be an agent sent by the Governor to infiltrate the outlaw gang and foil their plan. In the end John Wayne opens the road, blows up the outlaws and gets the girl.

Jim H (ca) wrote: So many stars? On the screen. But not of the rating scale. It's a typical Oliver Stone "do everything you can to put every good piece of plot line over the top, and see if it works"film, and more often than not, they don't work. Jamie Foxx, Dennis Quaid and Al Pacino do fine jobs in their roles, but there's too much negativity here. And none of their characters ?? nor anyone else in the cast - is likable. Hence the main reason why this just doesn't give you any satisfaction walking out of the theater ?? whether you do it before the end of the movie or not.

Quindo D (ru) wrote: A good introduction to the fandom for outsiders without being too overwhelming.

Shawn W (ru) wrote: Long and winding story has Agent 007 eventually thwarting a rogue Soviet General's plot to detonate an atomic bomb in Western Europe as a precursor to quick strike ground war victory over NATO forces. Standard Bond fare, a decent watch.

Mark D (kr) wrote: Found it and had to watch after seeing Red Letter Medias review and discussion with the star, could it look any more early 90's but may have built it up in my head but glad I have seen it.