Alla luce del sole

Alla luce del sole

Padre Puglisi a priest from a mafia-controlled district of Paleremo, helps kids to get off the streets and in his church creates an embracing place of hope and righteousness, which means ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   blackmail,   italy,  

Padre Puglisi a priest from a mafia-controlled district of Paleremo, helps kids to get off the streets and in his church creates an embracing place of hope and righteousness, which means ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alla luce del sole torrent reviews

Joe M (mx) wrote: Slow, dark, gloomy, no in depth dialogue. Just a movie about a sick killer and his psychological manipulation of a young teen. Depressing.

Jaime G (au) wrote: Es mas bien una reflexion visual y analitica del cuadro de Brueghel "Cristo cargando la cruz", y poco ms. Pretensiosa y a la vez sencilla, de una belleza visual poco usual y que recuerda las elucubraciones iconograficas de Peter Greenaway. No alcanza ningun drama, es una sucesion de imagenes y escenas vinculadas entre si que apelan al deleite de los sentidos. Yes lo que el autor pretenda, consiguiendo su proposito sobradamente.

Jade H (ca) wrote: Entertaining at times -- the biggest fault (of many) was that the parodies didn't make much sense and half of the time you couldn't tell WHAT they were parodying.

crawford m (es) wrote: My favorite baseball movie of all time, end of story, it really shows how hard an athletes life can be

Missy M (es) wrote: can't remember if I've seen this or not

David J C (gb) wrote: This was one of those movies I remember seeing as a child on HBO back when they were STARVING for programming. The movie REALLY did not make too much sence, and there was like ZERO though going into what the characters were really doing, but it was good to watch in a nastalgic-sort-of-way. Only watch this one if you have NOTHING else to watch. It's not bad, just brainless.

Al M (ag) wrote: This early Jean-Pierre Melville film presages not only his later masterpieces like Le Samourai and Le Cercle Rouge but also serves as one of the films that inaugurates the French New Wave. A stylish film-noir thriller set in the twilight criminal underworld of Montemarte, Bob le Flambeur concerns an aging gambler who was once a legend but is now literally down on his luck. The film follows his losing his last money and then planning one last giant casino heist in order to replenish his empty coffers. Along with a young boy and a stray teenage girl, the film explores the relations that develop even between the seedier elements of soiety and the ethics in which even criminals believe. Bob le Flambeur brilliantly blends the sexy, bad-ass nature of American film noirs together with and artistic and distinctly French sense of style in a way that will crop up again in the films of Jean-Luc Goddard. Melville's Bob Le Flambeur is a poignant and intense thriller that will not fail to satisfy fans of art films or those who simply enjoy a good heist film.

Giancarlo R (ag) wrote: Filminho de supercine, eu achava que era um terrorzo, mas acabou sendo um suspense mediano, com mistrios, e reviravoltas perto do final. No ruim, at bem feitinho e bem roteirizado, a irm queimada uma imagem horrenda, repugnante, e d at pena. O final foi satisfatrio, e eu adoro a Nora, pena que ela sumiu da TV! Recomendo como diverso em noites de segunda ou tera... Um tanto quanto previsvel, acabei gostando da trama, que logo de cara j mostra no ser bem um terror sobrenatural, mas um suspense policial. A mocinha fez parte do elenco da srie "Heroes" na primeira temporada. Positivo: Roteiro bem amarradinho. Negativo: Roteiro meio morno, lento.

Keaton B (ag) wrote: It definitely improves and expands on the universe that director Robert Rodriguez created out of his no-budget sleeper hit "El Mariachi", which makes it about as good -- if not better than -- as the original.