Allah Ke Banday

Allah Ke Banday

Allah Ke Banday tracks the journey of two boys who commit their first murder at the age of 12. Sent to Juvenile Prison, they return to take over the vast slums where they grew up

Two impoverished youth take to crime, are held in a juvenile home, and become gangsters after being discharged. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob A (kr) wrote: I I liked this movie more than I thought I would because it is not at all my kind of movie.

Matt H (br) wrote: Very different and interesting movie.

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Peter K (ca) wrote: I had enough of Home Alone4 within 20 minutes. The acting was terrible. Language chemistry was beyond horrendous. I felt sorry for Erick Avari the most.

Mark F (nl) wrote: A good little story with great acting performances, that is only ruined by it's confused direction.

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Shawn W (jp) wrote: A former star actress foolishly uses her doctor's age reversing serum derived from brain matter before proper testing. Predictably negative complications result as the actress becomes horribly disfigured and kills for brains to return to normal.

EO (ru) wrote: Classic He-Man at it's best.

Bumdog T (mx) wrote: A fictional exploration of many of the women??s issues which at the time were just beginning to be discussed: Raising Children vs. Pursuing a Career, Asserting Individuality vs. Cooperating in a Marriage. The Joys of Motherhood vs. the Necessity of Abortion, and the husband??s powerful influence over these decisions (an influence, in the case of the abortion, that is played out long before he becomes aware of the issue). It goes into the role that women were playing out at the time, and the debate of what their future role should be. At one point it even veers into the subject of revolutionary terrorism and interracial romance (an element the Streisand says the studio insisted be cut out). Watching it again I really loved the cinematography, but the movie over all was just ok. The documentary feel of the photography complements the acting in a production that heavily emphasized improvisation, as well as the running theme of the film, which was this married with children woman??s fantasy life. As such its one of those films were the parts are greater then the whole. Although it falls far short of the film it could have been, as a film it is still critically underrated. One of the reasons for this is that Streisand was at the time at the height of her pop icon status. Because she was its star it is considered a failed pop movie, whereas if it had starred Gena Rowlands it would be remember as a well-crafted art film. And if you didn??t change a single frame of film made it from France, or inserted John Cassevettes name, instead of Irvin Kershner, they would be writing books on what a work of genius this was.

christine m (mx) wrote: Visually striking but a bit dull period Gothic about emotionally incestuous sister and brother, kept prisoner by their father, who believes the duo suffers from mental illness. This may be true in his case, because brother kills young women and covers their bodies with petals of roses... Ageism stinks to high Heaven - both father and aging spinster are threat to poor, poor younger generation, who was really sucked up in the movies of the period: their sleazy actions were either denied or celebrated (Clockwork Orange, etc).

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Chad R (de) wrote: Krull will always hold a special place in my heart. Sure, I was an 11 year old boy when it first came out, and watching it now you realize the film is definitely outdated and deserving of a remake. That doesn't change the fact that the characters and premise are super cool and the love story is believable and touching. This movie deserves a much higher rating than the 33% here on RT. Go out and buy a special edition today.

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