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When Molly, the 21 year-old sister of Maarten, departs the family home, she leaves her older brother with empty nest syndrome. But it also opens up new opportunities for him, such as the ...

When Molly, the 21 year-old sister of Maarten, departs the family home, she leaves her older brother with empty nest syndrome. But it also opens up new opportunities for him, such as the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shaun D (ag) wrote: I saw this on a flight home from Europe and was surprized about how good it was. First, I love pretty much anything with Amy Adams in it. 2nd it was gripping up to the end. Extremely suspenseful.

Roarke M (br) wrote: It was an enjoyable/interesting movie and (to a certain extent) charming. It's a weird one though. I would recommend watching this with all of the lights turned off because it is scary enough but not too scary.

John E (mx) wrote: Just one of those quirky indies that I love, with two of my favourite people to watch.

Jayakrishnan R (fr) wrote: 82%Saw this on 4/7/15At least here the local Indians don't speak English. Million Dollar Arm is the best western depiction of India that I have seen, neither too violent as in Slumdog Millionaire nor too preachy and innocent as in many other English adaptations. The film benefits from strong cinematography, great cast and the fact that it's a true story. Well I never heard anything about a Million Dollar arm contest held in India. It's only fault is that it's a Disney film, viewers are automatically bound to expect a silly preachy film when it comes from the famous PG-13 loving studio. It rides up and down in a lot of cliches though, well if you don't mind that, then this is clearly enjoyable.

Chase M (au) wrote: " Democracy is the best revenge " - Benazir Bhutto

Anthony G (gb) wrote: This is perhaps the worst movie I have ever seen. It is utterly boring and makes absolutely no sense. Worthless. I want my 2 hours back (30 minutes of which were spent with the movie paused while I threw up in the bathroom).

Julien B (us) wrote: Survival goresque en nouvelle-zlande. Farfelu et manque de rythme : une gamine perdue, un chien-tigre, une famille de cannibales, une mine, une fort. Mieux vaut mater "Vorace" avec Robert Carlyle.

Andy M (kr) wrote: Poor...VERY poor...not even so bad it's good. JUst abizmal.

Mayank A (ru) wrote: Disappointment, especially since I watched it after the anime series FMA: Brotherhood and the movie is actually the continuation of the original series (FMA) which is having a different story flow. Still could have been good as the plot premises are nice, it's the execution which is the problem, it's substandard as compared to the series. The script and animation are terrible. The only good stuff is Bradley and Mustang's cameo. It does ties up the end of original FMA series but let's face it, even that had a horrible ending. It's only meant for a person who has seen the anime series and not as a watch alone movie.

Makar Y (fr) wrote: Asian action movies have this chaos to them which is very relaxing. I loved the camera work, the characters - its in a top 10 asian action movies for me.

Larry R B (ca) wrote: Ok. Another movie that displayed the rich/Hollywood excess. Drugs, sex, and more money. All the characters were so sleazy, I hoped they all died or got arrested!! The music was really good!!!

jay n (it) wrote: This is an adequate rendering of the Hardy classic but Paloma Baeza lacks the internal presence necessary to make Bathsheba compelling and with that hole at the center the project is doomed to be a letdown.

Sam S (ag) wrote: Breathless is a French new wave film that is interesting in the way portrays its characters and their daily struggles, but the film suffers from its "unique" style of editing.

Wendie D (fr) wrote: always good for a down home smile

Jason M (us) wrote: Just saw it I thought it was really good

Whitney B (ag) wrote: Not sure why this movie got such bad ratings. Apparently from people who don't have a sense of humor. This movie was literally hilarious. This is the type of humor my friends and I have. I loved it... Cussing, crude humor... Almost like a South Park-esqu vibe. I'm ordering this one off Amazon to watch whenever I feel like it.