Allegheny Uprising

Allegheny Uprising

Allegheny Uprising is a 1939 film produced by RKO Pictures, starring Claire Trevor and John Wayne as pioneers of early American expansion in south central Pennsylvania. Clad in buckskin and a coonskin cap (as he would be a decade later in The Fighting Kentuckian), Wayne plays real-life James Smith, an American coping with British rule in colonial America. The film is loosely based on a historical event known as the Black Boys Rebellion during the 1760s.

In British colonial America, Captain Swanson's adherence to the rules results in Trader Callendar's selling to the Indians under cover of a government permit. Jim Smith won't sit still for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah H (mx) wrote: There were some things in the movie that were REALLY messed up. Like the son and mother sleeping together, and apparently that was something they addressed as being weird in the movie, because the sister-in-law was constantly making WTF faces. It was so ridiculous though that it was funny. I am still trying to get over the girl who thought she could do summersaults and couldn't

Valerie S (ca) wrote: Breathtaking, heartwarming and beautiful.

Natalie B (fr) wrote: If I could give this a corner of a star I would, terrible movie and not worth a red box rental!!

Derrick W (mx) wrote: Loved it! Interesting, informative and entertaining for the whole family. See the other side of the 'Global Warming' argument.

daisy Moderator (fr) wrote: pile of crap, dont waste your time!

Ricky J (nl) wrote: This movie is pretty good.The fighting scenes R excellent.This is most definately the best movie in the Tapout series so far.

Alex A (de) wrote: First and foremost, Meet the Parents is one of my favorite comedies of all time. I remember being disappointed with its sequel, and knowing that the third installment would be worse, I held it off for years. Boy, was I right. Little Fockers isn't horrendously bad, but it's not good. Whereas the original was slightly more realistic, low key and relatable, this was merely a juvenile, slapstick mess with immature sex jokes and tired gags. The mixture of children and senior citizens within a frequently perverted "comedy" made this not only stupid, but uncomfortably weird too.

Luke R (au) wrote: Better than I had expected. Richard Gere and Diane Lane put in believable performances as the two lead characters - and quite rightly they share the majority of screen time, with the minor characters appearing only sparingly. There is no doubt that this movie is exactly what you'd expect it to be going in. Yes, it's a "chick flick", but the emotional story and solid lead actors made the movie worth watching from my point of view. Not one I'd watch again in a hurry, but I'd recommend it for those looking for something to see with little else showing right now.

Sunil S (fr) wrote: Hi, How are you

David S (ru) wrote: Cara Emily - please say "yes".

wan L (kr) wrote: I just watch this movie.What i thought was funny was that I can't understand some of the words. And some of the time, i had just going with the flow. hehee. In all, i thought it was great. Jealousy. Every one wrost enemy. I think. lol. Okay!! Okay now!! I just got the subtitle one . . and they are brother & sister. . will half. Different mothers. But same father. And THEY ARE IN LOVE WITH ONE ANOTHER. HUMM?? I don't know. Their dad keep it a secret from his daughter. But she still loves him. (umm...). And He loves her even more than being family in a way.

Robert F (us) wrote: Weak film that kids will see right through

Hannah H (ca) wrote: I love this movie. It is Great

TonyPolito (gb) wrote: This film takes some raves for its study of Hackman's flawed character and for its clever confronting of viewers with their own bumbling as sleuthers. It does do both well. But history will probably best remember it for the gratuitous one-second topless shot of then 18-year-old Melanie Griffith, a run-away Lolita whom an untalented PI (Hackman) is hired to find. (Other brief full frontal shots appear to be uncredited body-double work.) Griffith here earns tenth billing and her first credited role. Neither she, nor out-of-the-gate James Woods as young punk, exhibit their future promise. However newbie Warren, as Hackman's enigmatic romp-on-the-side, delivers well. Hackman spends Act 1 eventually "finding" Griffith via three inquiries, subtly revealing he's not exactly the stuff of stellar sleuthing. Plus Hackman's marriage is going over the edge - and he's fumbling the ball. In Act 2, Hackman marks time with Griffith and her new pals. The viewer knows something odd's a-brewing, but what? Hackman's clueless. On point, Hackman's seen studying a chess game where Black overlooks a clever knights-based corner mate. Hackman knows only too well the lifetime of misery missing such "knight moves" can cause. Act 3 suddenly morphs to murder and moves fast tying all together - faster than Hackman (or most viewers) can devine. Hackman doesn't quit smart at 'case closed,' and so ends up running in circles, cursing his out-of-wedlock heritage, his failure at husbandry and his mediocrity as detective. The script's pale imitation of noir and the derivative 1960s/1970s 'detective-loner' genre - McQ, Bullitt, Harper, Rockford Files, Mannix et. al. Dialogue's often weak; all but Hackman are handicapped by it. And the film's well dated by artifact: mutton chops, cut-to-the-navel and gauzy see-through blouses, and a 12-pack-sized telephone answering machine. RECOMMENDATION: Only for enjoyers of character studies or the genre.

Jennifer B (mx) wrote: An amazing montage of some of skits, song and dance from many of the most famous MGM entertainers of the golden age. The art direction and consutmes are astounding!! Certainly worth a see.

Ted W (ag) wrote: Fun entertaining dumb high school movie starring who knows and who cares because are they big celebrities like Ben Affleck or milla jovovich, no but they do make a surprising cameo in this movie. I really like old high school comedy movies, like fast Times at ridgemount high. But first let's talk about the 70s songs they pick for the movie. They're really good songs from the seventies and I like the part when they say the 70s suck, it's hilarious just roasting the 70s. If I'm going to get into comedy then everything Matthew Mckonohay does his hilarious and his iconic alright alright alright. I always wondered how he got famous for saying that line and now I know and I have to thank dazed and confused.

Bill J (ca) wrote: Brilliant acting by Sidney.

Les E (mx) wrote: Awesome story that built up throughout to the climax. Sinatra was OK but Howard was superb, especially when he was in the camp.