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Dylan B (es) wrote: Interesting documentary about Don McCullin, including his powerful photographs of war and famine throughout the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Nathan B (jp) wrote: A documentary about an insane anti-semitic Jewish man who was the greatest Chess player ever? I can dig it.

Tucker S (gb) wrote: Great jack black movie

Darwin U (ru) wrote: Oliver Gruner delivers an explosive Sci-Fi original.

matt v (it) wrote: Murder At 1600 keeps you on your feet and asking yourself who truly did it. Wesley Snipes is fast on his feet and quick with his gun in this fast paced film about a murder in the most famous house in the United States: The White House. Snipes plays a detective who is assigned to wrap up what is supposed to look like a simple case. But Snipes looks deeper and uncovers a truth so devistating, if leaked could bring the United States to pieces. Snipes plays his character with such energy, that you feel like you are there with him. Diane Lane is a wonderful actress and a joy to watch. The storyline is filled with lots of action and deadly stunts. It is also solid and keeps you interested and on the edge of your seat from the moment it starts until well after the credits roll. The ending is absolutely satisfying. A thrilling rollercoaster of a ride.

Dana S (ru) wrote: oooh, dis is a scawy one... but kinda boring!

Jeremy H (mx) wrote: It did what it was meant to do, it gave people a new actor that new kick ass martial arts with a new edge vs. everything that we were used to. If you are a martial arts fan you should like the movie, if you want a great story and great acting, you are looking into the worng genre.

Jeff S (mx) wrote: Ruth Gordon is usually fun/interesting to watch but i did not like this at all.

Ashley H (es) wrote: Ambush Bay is a good war film. It is about a group of Marines who tried to join a Filipino guerrillas on a Japanese held Philippines. This film is flawed and riddled with cliches. The acting was decent by Mickey Rooney and James Mitchum. The script was okay but could have been developed more. Ron Winston did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture but I have seen better war films.

EmmaLee S (ru) wrote: I just couldn't get as into the movie as I should simply because I love John Hannah, and here he was, playing the sick, bad guy.

Ian W (es) wrote: A very interesting look at the life of those who choose to work in Antarctica. This features some stunning visuals but also has an engaging and thought provoking side too due to the isolation involved.

Christopher C (de) wrote: All the negative reviews are clearly from non musicians or people who have no interest what so ever. I on the other hand live for the 80's, am I singer myself, and this movie is the most inspirational movie I have ever seen. It shows the true life of a "rock star". The very fact that it IS just "sex, drugs and rock n roll" is the thing that tears into Chris. Highly recommended for anyone with interest in rock music or people who want to be singers. This movie MADE me love the 80's.

Joe M (ag) wrote: Should be 1/2 a star or less, but I wanted the awful rating to show. Absolutely awful. Tolkien must be spinning in his grave. And Peter Jackson should be ashamed for how he so perverted such a great story just so they could drive dump truck loads of money up to his door.

Jason D (ru) wrote: Another 80's classic with one of the best titles out there. A girl watches her brother kill her entire family except for her and now she's all grown up and he's in the looney bin. Because she is a dumb blonde, she does not realize that the sorority house is the house her family was massacred in, and the brother magically senses her presence in it and escapes to kill topless chicks!!! A true, vintage 80's slasher but cannot hold a candle to the original slasher classics. Still, it's fun for a watch.