Alligator Alley

Alligator Alley

Two brothers fed up with daily life, quit their blue-collar jobs and with a single-minded determination head off to the paradise promise of Key West! But pool sharks, mermaids, tourist traps, and feisty alligators are just a few of the surprises that threaten to derail their not-so-well made plans.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mermaid,  

Two brothers fed up with daily life, quit their blue-collar jobs and with a single-minded determination head off to the paradise promise of Key West! But pool sharks, mermaids, tourist ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexandra R (ca) wrote: I love it because I think it really really cool and funny

Rini N (fr) wrote: Tried twice, but failed to finish.

Leonardo Malacay S (au) wrote: La complejidad del pensamiento... Excelente actuacin de Sukowa y una pelcula muy bien hecha.pensar nunca esta de ms...

Chris B (jp) wrote: Truly fascinating...if you like documentaries, this is a must see...

Megan G (kr) wrote: this looks ok n it dont, but may b, lol

karen s (au) wrote: While reading a collection of Gandhi's writings I came upon a mention of his son having converted to Islam. I was very surprised since Attenborough's film had completely skipped over any children and so I couldn't wait to see this film when I learned of it. I was expecting them to have had some sort of violent, acrimonious parting, but that doesn't really seem to have been the case. The story is an old one though; very successful Dad expects son to go into the family business but son wants to do something else and this inevitably drives a wedge between them. The main difference is that here the son wants to be what his Dad USED to be (namely a Barrister) and Dad's new business is Self-Sacrificing Servant of the People. The son (Harilal) follows obediently through the early years in South Africa, all the while quietly harboring a small grudge because others are given what he feels should be his, but he never gives up his dreams of accomplishing something big and impressing Dad--never realizing what it would really take to do that. Its a sad story of a father and mother whose arms are always open to welcome back a son who just can't stay out of trouble and uses the family name to steal money from others. Its also the story of how a great man can be a father to millions who have never seen him, but can't really connect with a child born of his own blood. My one problem with the film was the casting. So much depended on Akshaye Khanna as Harilal, and to me he was inadequate. He had one expression that resembled nothing so much as cocker spaniel that has just been caught urinating on the carpet. However Shefali Shah as Hari's mother is truly the shining star in this film. Her suffering as she tries to hold her family together is poignant and resonates with all audiences.

Adam R (br) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

bill s (au) wrote: Not nearly as wonderful as the filmmakers wanted this movie to be.

Conner R (jp) wrote: A really interesting look at the story of Hamlet. It is well acted, but the production value is quite low and it looks like a made for T.V. movie. The visual style is not very extravagant and quite basic. It relies on the strong actors to carry the film.

Rosie B (ca) wrote: Gotta love a classic Prom movie. Reminds me of one I went to it the states. Also a very young Matthew perry is very funny

Chris K (us) wrote: There's not much to laugh at (except during the climax) and more to groan at when it comes to Chase's romp Modern Problems. Chase plays a manic depressive, clingy boyfriend to Darcy who is far too good for him. It doesn't seem if anyone is really having fun in this movie and that it's all for a paycheck. The climax is about the only thing worth the price of admission and even that doesn't last long enough to make us really care about Max and Darcy. Dabney Coleman plays a pretentious novelist whose performance is slightly fun but never really developed. Dabney played this role better in 9 to 5. What is nice with Modern Problems is the strong cast. What brings it down is bad writing. The dialogue is cliche, the performances are dry or over the top, the audience is dragged along for the ride and we are left just a depressed as Max was in the beginning of the movie. If the character's were fleshed out more and the dialogue given a complete redo this movie could have been a lot better.

Paul D (nl) wrote: The original entry in the Tom Cruise led movie series is also the most boring. It has a few decent action sequences, but the majority of this movie felt like watching paint dry. The franchise gets better as it goes on but this one never really clicked with me. It is still worth watching once though.

Panayiotis P (us) wrote: Tipota pio omorfo apo tis taineies tou 1990...Kai omos auti itan i proti fora pou ida auti tin taineia oso parakseno kai an fenete :)Panemorfi taineia...

Paul D (us) wrote: It's a film about forgiveness, forgetting, but more so closure, and it's a fine piece of cinema leading up to this point.

Dave S (kr) wrote: I just finished this. It started out pretty well and then just got weird towards then end. But I liked how they compared generations and stuff. I'm a millennial so I enjoyed and related to many things in this movie.

Stephen R (us) wrote: THE GREEN INFERNOWell, where do I even begin... Everyone seems to think this is a gore fest or some sort of masterpiece I don't... Have you ever seen an Italian Cannibal film?Okay well the gore is piss poor (that's putting it lightly) nothing creative or original in the gore department, people please watch a Ruggero Deodato or a Sergio Martino or Umberto Lenzi cannibal film they pushed the boundaries on gore, and the violence and brutality was a staple of this genre, and they showed it all never cutting away ever. And I know Eli knows this!!!The acting by all actors was bad, I guess mostly down to the script. However. I liked that, it kind of made the film feel authentic with the badly dubbed Italian films of the past so points for that Ariel Levy did do a very good Giovanni Lombardo Radice style performance.But Lorenza Izzo is no Lorraine De Selle. The idea for the story was amazing, loved the story and the social commentary of this film, Eli got that right. BUT he executed it poorly the first 40mins or so are the best parts of this movie, and they are the parts without the cannibals. The cannibals were over the top stylised This is not Apocalypto (2006) what the fuck... And one-dimensional... His cannibals were bad... They needed to be fleshed out more, have actual development so we understand their life.Deodato's cannibals have life and we understand them as people and we hardly see them in both Last Cannibal World and Cannibal Holocaust... Hell, even Lenzi's were better than these. dressing them up in pretty colours does not give them character.Cannabis really lol Ferox used cocaine... Eli what's with holding back bro, the genre is called exploitation for a reason... I don't believe the tribe have magical dust that renders people unconscious, and anyone who has ever smoked a spliff knows weed does not work the way you use it in this film, its actually just embarrassing. Also way to many homages to the other original movies. Not a bad thing, but when you are just using them to propel your story forward because you have no original ideas... Well, that is just sad.Even stealing another movie ending, Lenzi's ending, almost line for line... shame on you. When Quentin Tarantino does this it is cool because he actually rewrites the scenes, we can see the homage and respect his creativity because he did not just lift segments out of other people's films to fill his run-time. Masturbation humour, diarrhoea humour, and cannibals with the munchies, this is not American Pie band camp. Overall this was a jumbled mess of maybe studio input or a lack of respect to a much loved and forgotten genre by Eli Roth. The most annoying thing about this is we know Eli Roth is a fan of these classic genre movies, so my question is why mess it all up, why be a complete and utter fucking prick?At times I felt like I was watching a David Attenborough documentary, Naked and Afraid was better than this crap. overall I give THE GREEN INFERNO 1.5 out of 5... half a star it gets that one half because the story was good-ish... Would have been a solid 5 if there had been some creative gore and no cannibals with Cannabis-induced munchies. This is no masterpiece this is a joke... a bad joke... a stain on an already overlooked genre... this film broke my heart. Eli show it don't play with us bro... and anyway Eli, Lars von Trier got there first... you all know what I mean.