Alluda Mazaaka...!

Alluda Mazaaka...!

Village bullies attempt to acquire lucrative land and engineer advantageous marital alliances, while the protagonists fight for love and honor.

Sitaramaiah (Chiru) is the son of a fairly wealth village man. Two rich, spoiled girls come (Rambha and Ramyakrishna) and he teaches them a lesson and embarasses them. Alluda MazaakaTheir mother in order to take revenge takes over all the workers’ lands. Sitaramaiah’s sister falls in love and becomes pregnant. Their father commits suicide and they move to the city where his sister is false accused of being a prostitute and her lover leaves her. Sitaramaiah is falsely charged for killing the cop who arrested her and he escapes from prison and marries Ramya. At this point her father saves him and he tells him this whole story. Sitaramaiah goes to Ramya’s house and pretends to be two people, himself and a rich guy “Toyota.” After causing much havok, he saves his sister from the villains and reunites her with her lover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Macdara B (de) wrote: Good laughs, bit frantic and zany at times

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