Almanac of Fall

Almanac of Fall

Possibly inspired by the existential play No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre, this story about five people living in close quarters in a small apartment conveys the same angst as Sartre's well-known story about the nature of hell. A single, older mother owns the apartment, where a nurse who has brought along a presumed lover tends her. The sick woman's son lives there, too, constantly thinking about how to get his hands on his mother's money. The last member of this unhappy "family" is a former teacher now down on his luck and out of work. The three men and the nurse are dependent on the sick woman, on her money and her apartment, just as she is dependent on them. Yet these individuals are two-faced, scheming, and prone to anger. Unable to break away and leave, at the same time they find no solace in staying -- making a difficult two hours of misery for the average viewer to take on without a therapist.

A large, claustrophobic apartment is the setting for this intense chamber drama. In this dense setting, the inhabitants of the apartment reveal their darkest secrets, fears, obsessions and hostilities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicolas K (au) wrote: A film about passion within a relationship, within their love of their music, within the tragedy of the story that unfolds. The Broken Circle Breakdown may well be the movie find of the year that has had the most profound impact to me; for it is raw, real and connected and within its darkest colour hues there is such a bright light shining out. I cannot recommend it enough.

Lilianetty l (nl) wrote: Trae sus momentos comicos, tiene sus moralejas, y una que otra cosa fuerte, importa cuan grande sea el elenco, el guion tiene sus defectos. SORRY! Plot: Otra peli espa~ola, con guiso, cafre y fuerte, no cool para mi gusto. En otras palabras, la trama gira en torno a varias historias: La chica y su padre militar, la pareja y su dream de ser padres y la otra del director y su mujer. Como terminan? Check the film, cause I won't spoil more. No es que la historia sea mala, es que es humor negro y no es apto para menores...don't like it that much anyway. Acting: Muchos de la serie AIDA gozaron aqui, igual de AQUI NO HAY QUIEN VIVA y otras buenas series espa~olas (I think the woman of the director was in HOMBRES DE PACO). Anyway, actuaron bastante bien, aunque, pienso que deberian buscar roles no parecidos a sus personajes anteriores. Tal vez uno que otro logro distanciarse algo, pero lo unico que note es que sus skills son y fueron basicamente los mismos. Nada new. Not bad, but still not new to me. Stars? One for the effort made. Music: Note que le faltaba algo de musica. Tal vez fui yo, pero lamentablemente solo puedo dar one star, for the effort made by the musicians with the 'supuestamente' colorful score. To end this review, 2 estrellas de 5. Enjoy and HASTA LA PROXIMA AMIGOS/AS! CHAO! BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Simon R (de) wrote: Visually quite beautiful in places but nothing felt very real, the dialogue was poor and the relationships unbelievable. Lust Caution was a much better film!

David F (ru) wrote: Sasha Grey...need I say more? :)

Lev K (de) wrote: someone ripped off AIR BUD?

Frdric B (ca) wrote: Ce Lucky Luke chappe (un peu) la maldiction des films sur le hros de Morris et Gosciny. Visuellement tout y est, mais le scnario n'est malheureusement la hauteur.

Surya V (jp) wrote: The girl is of those late night MGM movies i would use to wait for once my parents were asleep....remember ol the scenes abhi sleazy movie .....carre otis is sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!gone are those MGM days !!!

li b (ru) wrote: Charming, refreshing, original. Very little dialogue, but the visuals say it all. If you like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin (as it says in the Flixter description, Chaplin was accused of ripping off the idea of "Modern Times" from this film), you'll enjoy this sweet little comedy.

AW C (jp) wrote: I assume Malick wanted this project to be a deep, introspective/existential commentary on love and religion(?). But it's far too insipid to stand on its own.

Anthony T (kr) wrote: Huge fan of the show, but this movie was a let down. They tried too hard and fell flat. Maybe it had to do with how they originally had a much better director and were going to film in the same location of the show, but something happened and this just turned out to be a bust.... Not worth it.